One of the most underrated Zelda adventures, The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD, gets a second chance on Nintendo Switch ten years after it came out on Wii. Zelda Skyward Sword HD comes out on July 16, and many players are going to discover this Zelda, very different from what was later Breath of the Wild because it is, really, the last classic Zelda for home consoles.

To get you started, in this guide, we tell you some of the tricks, tips, and curiosities of Zelda Skyward Sword, valid for both the Wii and the Switch versions, since the development is the same, although the remastering has many improvements.

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD for Nintendo Switch

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD

Hero mode

A classic of many games: when you complete the game, you can start it again with the Hero Mode. In The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD, the adventure is the same, but you will keep all the insects and treasures that you had after finishing the game, the enemies will have twice the energy and will do you twice the damage ... and you will not find hearts in the flowers, or vessels or corpses enemies unless you wear the Heart Locket.

We recommend that you duplicate your game in the save files so as not to lose your previous game if you start with Hero Mode.

Go back to the academy

But not to study. You should go to complete side missions and find secret items that you could not get at the beginning. For example, you can solve a side mission in which you will get 5 gratitude gems. In the academy, at night, you will hear a voice ... in the toilet. The voice will ask you to find some paper.

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Go back to the toilet the next day to meet Corvy, one of Malton's friends, who will give you a love letter ... not for you, but for Gracielle. The gorrudo will ask you to give it to him for him! You can choose whether to give it to Gracielle, as Corvy requests ... or give it to the toilet voice at night so that ... well, we don't know what it will do. Whatever you do in this bizarre story, you will get all 5 gems.

Desecrating graves for gems of gratitude

Another grim secondary mission in Altárea will reveal the character to whom you have to give the gratitude gems. In the bazaar, you may hear ghost stories. You must go to the cemetery at night, and hit with the sword a tombstone near the only tree in the cemetery. The tombstone will start to glow. Push it, and you will find a passage that leads to Batolo.

This poor devil will ask you to give him gratitude gems so that he can become a normal person again. Not sure where to find them? Here's the list of all the gratitude gems!

Clean the dust for gems... and rupees

Another example of Altárea location that you must revisit to get gratitude gems: Coocker's house, once you get the air amphora from the Lanayro Refinery. With this item, you can clean all the dust in the house, which will give you 5 gratitude gems and 20 rupees. But the best thing is that you can visit this house every day and clean it to get 20 rupees every day.

A classic of the Zelda games, which was discarded in Breath of the Wild, are the bottles, a real headache because they are essential to carry potions ... and they are very rare. In fact, there are only five bottles in the entire game. These treasures, incredibly rare in the Zelda universe, will allow you to carry potions but also fairies (which will resurrect you once with 6 hearts if you are defeated), pumpkin soup, or sparkling spores.

Fortunately, you can find the first bottle quickly, in the potions shop of the bazaar. Here you will find the location of the other four bottles.

Terry's Island

Once you get a ranged weapon, like the slingshot, you can go up to Terry's floating tent. In addition to everything you can buy, there is a very original secret. If you stay overnight in the tent bed, you will wake up on Terry's Island, where he rests. Here, you can capture two Cielérnigas and reach a chest of divine Cubes.

Cascade Grotto Merchant

If you go at night inside the Grotto of the waterfall, you will find a group of sacred butterflies. Next to them, play the Lyre of the Goddess so that a gossip stone appears, which will sell you some exclusive treasures.

Sparkling spores

One of the things you can keep in bottles is sparkling spores, which you catch when you hit a giant mushroom. This will allow you to stun enemies or insects, making it easier for you to catch them. But also, if you use them on rupees they will change color and value, and if you use them on hearts, they will transform into fairies.

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