League of Legends is a game with an ever-changing meta. Time is not a kind to a lot of the game's champions as what reigns today, with but a few tweaks could be in the gutter tomorrow.

However, for some, a meta shift is merely a chance to reinvent themselves. This is the case for Gragas the Rabble rouser who, despite being almost as old as the game itself, still finds a way to thrive within it.

In this LOL Gragas Guide, I'll tell you how to play Gragas, the rabble-rouser!

LOL Gragas Guide: Why Would I Want to Play Gragas?

 Gragas has a kit built for disruption.

Three of his four abilities provide him with some form of crowd control.

This alone makes him invaluable to almost all team compositions. He can be the primary frontline engage. He can separate key targets or provide peel and protection for vulnerable teammates.

His kit also synergizes well with ability power so rather than just be a tank he can also itemize for raw damage in order to act as the team's burst mage if need be. This flexibility allows him to play almost every role given the right circumstances.

Gragas' Abilities

Passive: Happy Hour

Gragas periodically heals for  8% of his maximum health upon casting an ability.

Q: Barrel Roll

Gragas rolls a cask to the target location, granting sight of the area and fermenting over 2 seconds, increasing its damage and slow strength, up to a maximum of  150% damage. Barrel Roll can be recast after the cask has fully traveled in order to immediately detonate it.

After 4 seconds the cask detonates, dealing magic damage to all surrounding enemies, reduced by 30% against minions, and slowing them for 2 seconds.

W: Drunken rage

Gragas channels for 0.75 seconds, drinking out of his brew, and gains damage reduction for 2.5 seconds.

Upon completing the channel, Gragas' next basic attack within 5 seconds becomes uncancelable, gains 50 bonus range, and deals bonus magic damage to the target and nearby enemies, capped at 300 against monsters.

E: Body Slam

Gragas charges forward, dealing magic damage to all nearby enemies upon colliding with one as well as knocking them back and stunning them for 1 second.

Body Slam's cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds if Gragas hits an enemy.

Barrel Roll and Explosive Cask can be cast during the charge.

R: Explosive Cask

Gragas hurls a cask that travels to the target location over 0.55 seconds and explodes on impact, dealing magic damage to all enemies within the area and knocking them, though not through the terrain, from the epicenter of the explosion, as well as briefly granting sight of the area.

The most common skill path is to take W at level one, level two take Q, level three take E, and level six take R. You should ideally max Q followed by E then finally W putting a point in R whenever possible.

gragas abilities

Gragas' Build

For tank Gragas, the mythic choices are between Chemtank and Sunfire cape. Both provide health, armor, and magic resistance along with the immolate damage over time. Sunfire is better for 1v1 duels while chem tank is good for catching out key opponents.

Following this, he will pick up other tank items such as:

  •  Dead man's plate for more movement speed
  • Spirit Visage for extra healing and magic resist
  • Gargoyles stone plate for a shield 
  • Randuins to reduce critical strike damage
  • Thornmail for some anti healing e.t.c

For ap Gragas, his mythic is most often night harvester it provides Health, Ability power, and ability haste. From here he typically gets a zhonya's for the stasis active as well as some extra armor and ability power.

Following this, he will pick up other magic damage items such as:

  • Lich bane for extra auto-attack damage with its sheen passive
  • Rabadons deathcap for an ability power multiplier
  • Morellonomicon for anti healing
  • Void staff for magic penetration
  • Banshee's for a spell shield and magic resist

Given his flexibility, his boots can be defensive options like Plated steel caps or mercury treads to more combat-focused like Ionian boots of Lucidity or Sorcerers Shoes.

Gragas' Runes

gragas abr

Gragas has a wide variety of rune pages however this is his most consistent across any role you could play him in.

Final Thoughts on How to Play Gragas Like a Pro

Gragas is one of a few staple picks in League of legends. It feels like the meta can never truly force him out, but merely make him evolve. Maybe if you are looking for a new pick in the game, he could be the one for you.

Thank you for reading my article.

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Thank you for reading my article.

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