Hades, the acclaimed rogue-like, and Supergiant Games' latest success won the love of millions, not only for its fresh take on Greek Mythology and its prominent figures, the Olympians, and their stories but also for its amazing visuals, story, and gameplay. With all that said, as with most rogue-likes, reaching Hades true ending is without a doubt a test of skill and mastery of all of the game's principles.

Not sure what we mean? Relax, because we will now tell you how to unlock Hades true ending.

How to Unlock Hades True Ending - A Step-by-Step Guide

Like They Say, Ten Times is the Charm 

On Hades, your main objective is getting out of the Underworld, an endeavor that can only be accomplished after traveling through all its domains and facing a wide amount of creatures, all salivating to send the prince right back where all started.

But as many already know, reaching the surface is not the hard part, beating the game's final boss, Hades himself is. And you will need to beat him over and over again to unlock the game's true ending.

To be more exact, to unlock the game's true ending, you will need to reach the surface ten times, defeat the God of the Underworld nine times, and trigger Persephone's dialog times, one per attempt. So, prepare your most trusted weapon, hope for amazing boons, and begin the ascend! 

Why not ten times? Well, you will know you reached the ending when, upon reaching the surface, expecting another godlike father-son fierce battle, Hades will let you pass, opening the way for the first time. From there, you will only need to follow the path to Greece and talk to your mother.

During Hades true ending, Persephone will return to the underworld with her son, and as they travel back, the credits will roll, marking the end of Zagreus's quest, for now, at least.

There's Still Much to See 

Upon returning, Zagreus will now be able to get new items, unlock new dialogues, and gift his mother with Nectar, and Ambrosia. But that's not all, since you will be able to trigger Persephone's favor, which will, in turn, unlocks the game's epilogue, which - to unlock - will require a high affinity with almost all Olympian gods. 

As we said above, Hades is an amazing success, having won many awards across the gaming world, like the awards for Best Indie Game, and Best Action Game on The Game Awards 2020, and Game of the Year on both the 17th BAFTA Video Games Awards, and 24th Annual D.I.C.E. Awards. The title also received awards in the Best Indie and Critic's Choice categories on last year's Golden Joystick Awards. 

Hades is currently available on PC and in the Nintendo Switch. You can check our other guides related to the game here.

What are you waiting for? Don't miss out on one of the best rogue-likes of the generation, and go help Zagreus forge his own destiny and climb his way to glory! 


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