Both for speedrunners and for players who want to have things ahead of time, we leave you with this guide on how to get the Gravity Suit early in Metroid Dread.

How to Get the Gravity Suit Early in Metroid Dread: A Simple Guide

To get the Gravity Suit early in Metroid Dread, you will have to follow a series of steps, but nothing too complicated. The first of these will be to go where the Radar is obtained, then they will go out by themselves.

In the Ghavoran region, in the room where the gravity suit is, it is now accessible after having achieved the Space Jump ability in Ferenia. Although, by following these steps, you can have it much sooner, quickly and easily.

  • Once you are in the room where the radar is obtained, an item that is not necessary, but is a good starting point as Hardpelicn discovered. From here, go to the right and we go down all rolling and with bombs; after that, shoot Ice Missiles into the vegetation to clear the way.
  • You will reach an area with a lot of water, use your skills to cross it as quickly as possible, although it is normal that without the Space Jump it is not possible to reach the edge of the right. Luckily, you can use the kite technique, but remember that in the air you must press Y and B at the same time.
  • After crossing the right and the water area, roll to the right until you fall into an area with the best of the missiles. This will leave you in an area with a Green Portal that will lead Samus to Burenia. After that, put a bomb on the ground - to the right of the portal - and find a passage that will lead to three more floors; use an Ice Missile and enter to the right of the room.
  • In this new room, go to the right and, with enough space and an open door, take a left impulse towards the previous room and load the kite technique, but stop before reaching the wall; this will break some blocks and leave Samus in front of a small corridor on the right.
  • Before the technique dissipates, drop and in a hole on the right with water, when falling and in the air, propel yourself with the technique to the left. This will make Samus reach the slide and can walk and you can climb. Now, continue using the technique when entering the new room, push yourself to the left that there will be a gap and you will go through one room after another with the impulse still in your power.
  • In the end, there will be a fall and you will have to use the technique again to pass the barrier on the right and enter the room, already in it with a little skill you will overcome it. Once done, in the new underwater screen, navigate through some corridors and you will come out.

The only thing left is to explode more blocks to reveal one that will have to be broken, since it opens a corridor to the left. In that new room, a sphere will have the gravity suit, with which everything would be achieved.

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