Fulfilling the weekly Battle Pass requirements to hit maximum EXP might be difficult, but looking for local specialties in both Mondstadt and Liyue will make it easier for you. This article will tell you the most convenient places to find the most local specialties with the least stamina required. I will be recommending certain routes that you can take and how you can collect local specialties on your daily runs within Genshin Impact to fully utilise the 2 days respawn period of specialties

Overall, I would recommend completing the specialties on the last day of each week, as you should pick up any specialties along the way throughout the week. This makes it easier for you as you will need to find fewer materials in one session, making it less tedious. You may choose to only pick a certain region's specialties based on your characters' required Ascension Materials, or if you have already obtained the maximum EXP. 

Mondstadt Specialties

mondstadt specialties

The easiest Mondstadt specialties to find would be those within Springvale, near or in Mondstadt itself and near Wolvendom

The Wolfhook that can be picked up around Wolvendom should be completed in the same session that you complete your weekly Boreas fight, as it takes some time to reach the peak of the mountain if you do not already have a Teleport waypoint there. 

Windwheel Asters can be found near the Anemo Statues within Mondstadt (Windrise, Dawn Winery) and you can collect them each time you use the statues for heals. The statues within Mondstadt have more specialties within a close range as compared to those in Liyue and both these statues have Crystalflies that you can pick up for crafting Condensed Resin. Hence, I would highly recommend using these statues, instead of those in Liyue, for heals whenever you require healing. 

Philanemo Mushrooms are found on rooftops within Mondstadt and Springvale. Particularly, the windmill closer to the Knights of Favonius teleport waypoint within Mondstadt has several Philanemo mushrooms. The lady at the foot of the windmill will gift you 5 Philanemo Mushrooms if you choose the character dialogue option to ask about Barbatos. I will be writing a guide in future about the NPCs that you can speak to to get gifts, so do look out for that guide as well! You can locate the lady below:

michelle philanemo 

Outside Mondstadt, near Timmie's bridge, there are many Dandelions that can be blown using Anemo to get Dandelion Seeds, so do bring along an Anemo character! I would recommend using Surose since her charged attacks can deal Anemo DMG. 

Within Springvale, there is a teleport waypoint surrounded by a small pond, around which there are many Calla Lilies. Additionally, there is a boar drinking around the pond and you can hunt it for Raw Meat to cook Revival food such as Steaks or to fulfil requests within Mondstadt to increase your reputation. This can be seen below: 

 springvale calla lilies

If you are still short of local specialties after these, you can take a walk within the Whispering Woods to get more Calla Lilies and Lampgrasses, which might be useful if you would like to ascend Fischl, or to cook the Pile 'Em Up!

Cecilias are located on Starsnatch Cliff, which is rather difficult to climb. Unless you use Venti or Albedo, this route is a little too tedious. 

While Valberries come in a group of 4, it might be difficult to specifically look for them, since they are typically found on Stormbearer Mountain itself. The rewards are rather low for the high effort of climbing up the mountain, hence I would recommend completing the routes above first before finding Valberries. 

Liyue Specialties

liyue specialties

If you have Qiqi as a character, you should definitely put her in your team to hunt for specialties in Liyue. Her passive talent allows for a hand icon to show up on your mini-map to let you know where the nearest specialty is. The best places to find Liyue Specialties would be Liyue Harbour itself, Wangshu Inn and Yaoguang Shoal.

Within Liyue Harbour, teleport to the waypoint that is closer to the Souvenir Shop. There, climb up the staircase towards Madame Ping. Speaking to Madame Ping will give you 5 glaze lilies! You can see this below:

madame ping glaze lilies 

You will find many Glaze Lilies and Silk Flowers in this area as well. You can also take the stairs up, closer towards the mountains to find more Glaze Lilies. If you prefer, you can come back to Liyue Harbour every 2 days to collect these flowers throughout the week, allowing you to hit 100 specialties easily. Through this, you will not need to find all the specialties in one session. More Glaze Lilies can be collected in Qingce Village as well, among the paddy fields. This is more time consuming, however, since the Lilies are rather spaced out in the large area. Unless you would like to build Ningguang, I would recommend other routes below. 

Flying down from Wangshu Inn, towards the bridges, you will be able to get 14 silk flowers around the area, close to the ends of each bridge. This can be repeated every 2 days as well since minimum stamina is required. 

Noctilucous Jade can be difficult to find, but the small cave near Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula in Mingyun Village has plenty. The location of the cave can be seen below: 

 noticulous jade mingyun

Noctilucous Jade can also be found in other caves near Mingyun Village, but that route is far from the Teleport waypoints and Statues, so I would not recommend it. 

Cor Lapis is most available on Mt. Aozang, the residence of Cloud Retainer. Additionally, there is a single Cor Lapis that is close to the Domain of Guyun, that you can consistently collect whenever you visit the domain. On each trip, you can also collect the Geo Crystalflies for Condensed Resin collection! 2 Bird eggs are also balanced on the top of the broken wall if you would like to cook Eggs for revival food

Yaoguang Shoal has many Starconches available along the beach, and this is one of the easiest routes to collect the most number of starconches due to the flat terrain. I would recommend walking along the Shoal and towards Mingyun Village eventually. This route gives plenty of specialties and is helpful if you would like to ascend Tartaglia

The only Geo Statue with collectable specialties nearby would be the one on Qingyun Peak in Minlin, where 3 Qingxin can be found. Since Qingxin is found only on the peaks of mountains, you might prefer collecting the other specialties listed above to avoid climbing. If you need to level Geo characters, the Geo Hypostasis has one Qingxin on the jutting rock next to the arena -- you can collect it whenever you complete the Geo cube. There is also a Starconch along the way that can be collected for specialties. 

I would not recommend collecting Violetgrass due to its position on the sides of cliffs that make it challenging and time-consuming to collect. Unless you have Qiqi or Xinyan, Violetgrass would definitely not be the route you are looking for. 

Jueyun Chilies are always found in threes but are rather inconvenient to access due to their locations far from waypoints. The closest group would be near Taishan Mansion domain and can be seen below.

 jueyun chilies

I personally find collecting Local Specialties a rather tedious process, so I would definitely recommend taking several days to do this along your routes and only completing this mission on the last day. Do let us know if there are other guides you would like to see and happy exploring travellers!

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