One of Genshin impact's flagships is in the game's wide selection of playable characters, all of which have their own playstyle and characteristics, also being capable of fulfilling many different roles inside a composition, like DPS, support, and its many categories. Among those roles, none is more vital to the party's survival than that of the healer, the one responsible for keeping its teammates healthy and alive on the battlefield, and ready to dive right in against the many dangers of Teyvat. With that in mind, here are a few things to keep in mind when building a healer in Genshin Impact!

A Few Things to Keep in Mind When Building a Healer in Genshin Impact

What Stats/Sub-stats to Prioritize?

It's important to point out that every role has its most important stats/substats, Take a DPS, for example, when building one, you need to focus on both is CRIT Rate and CRIT Damage above all other sub-stats, with main stats varying from character to character.  

When talking about supports, their main stats will also vary accordingly to their own sets, but when healers are the main topic, you should prioritize, in most cases, Healing Effectiveness and Energy Recharge, since you need your characters to be able to heal efficiently and to be able to use their abilities as much as possible. 

Three healers in which the Healing Effectiveness stat is vital are Barbara, Diona, and Qiqi. For them, a 2-piece Maiden Beloved can do just fine, even if using the full set is preferable. 

The Best Excel 

It is also good to point out that healers need to first be able to heal efficiently, but the best ones are also able to bring out the best in your composition, and vice-versa, by allowing reactions, which, in turn, can increase your damage input drastically.

Remember, all characters in your party, with the exception of your Main DPS, need to be able to multitask. 

It is also good to point out that Healers are not focused on dealing damage, but on healing as efficiently as possible and in increasing your overall damage. So, feel free to use your spare artifacts until you get some better ones, never forgetting to always keep a close eye on the stats. 

  • It's also important to point out that, even if building a DPS can prove to be way more exciting, since they are the main damage dealers, they need supports capable of helping them efficiently. Remember, a good DPS needs a good support, even those that can stand on their own as top tiers, like Ganyu, Diluc, and Eula. For that, try to keep your supports at least on level 70/80 in the last game.


On Genshin Impact, players take on the role of the mysterious Traveler, as they search for their missing sibling and explore the world of Teyvat, where the elements converge and gods walk among the beings,

You can play Genshin impact right now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, via miHoYo's official launcher, and on Epic Games Store. The game is also available for mobile devices. A version for the Nintendo Switch is also, according to miHoYo, the developers of the game, in development, but no further information regarding it was revealed. 

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