The May Day Labyrinth returns in 2021 in Animal Crossing New Horizons, We tell you tips, rewards (and warnings) about the May event in this May Day Maze guide.

The May Day event returns for another year to Animal Crossing New Horizons.

In 2020, it was celebrated with a labyrinth island, in which we met Rover and he gave us a suitcase.

On this occasion, we will travel to a new labyrinth, and again, we will meet Rover the cat, who will send us a new reward: his photo.

The May Day event began on April 29 and will last until May 7, 2021, coinciding with the actual celebration of Golden Week, a festive week in Japan. In this guide, we will explain what rewards you can find and some tricks in case you get stuck in the maze, more complex than the previous one.

May Day Maze Guide 2021

May Day Maze Guide

The first and most important thing to know about the maze is that you can only travel once. To travel, go to the Airport and talk to Orville. He will suggest you travel to the island, without having to pay for berries or anything. However, once you are there, if you return to your village, you will not be able to return to the maze in any way, even if you have not managed to complete it (unless you have another character created on your island).

How to reset the maze if we get stuck?

The maze is not very long or complicated, but there are many ways to screw up and crash. If that happens to you, don't despair: use the Nookophone Rescue Service option (the one you've probably never used before, yes) to go back to the start of the maze and get everything back to how it was before. You can use this option whenever you want, but they will charge you 100 Nook miles.

What rewards are there in the maze?

The objective of the maze is to meet Rover, using only the Rover. If this is the first time you have completed the maze (you did not play or did not have the game in May 2020), he will send you last year's reward, Rover's Suitcase.

Likewise, there are two points where you can get Berries coupons, on the left of the island, which you can only access from the mound where Rover is.

You can't get Rover's Photo if it's your first year at Animal Crossing

No, there is no way to get Rover's Photo without having completed the maze a year earlier by getting the suitcase.

And no, it does not work traveling in time towards May 2020 (or any other year) because you will not be able to get another option to travel to the First of May Island. The only option is to wait for next year, to see what happens.

How to complete the maze

If you get stuck and don't know how to complete the maze, we tell you how to solve it:

  • Use the shovel to remove the bush and get the fruits on the left. Eating fruits you can remove trees and break rocks with shovels.
  • Progress left and right collecting fruits to make your way clearing trees, the ladder project, and wood (you will need to collect 4 of each). Keep in mind that you will have to do some detours with some holes. It is simple.
  • The key at the beginning is NOT to waste the fruits by removing these trees from the right side (leave them for later). Also, don't spend them on the two trees behind a rock, top left, next to the DIY log.
  • If you don't spend the fruits on those trees, you will get to the DIY log top left. Break the rock and take the pieces of wood, ignoring the trees. Nown you can craft the ladder.
  • With the ladder, you can take the battered ax nearby. With the ax, go back to the right and cut down the tree marked with the black circle. The ax will break.

    With the two new fruits, you can remove the two trees near the DIY trunk, and get three more fruits.

  • Continue from that mound to the right, and you will be able to remove the tree from the red circle. Use the ladder to get to Rover. When you talk to him, you will still have two fruits.
  • From the hill where Rover is, go down to the left. Make your way by clearing bushes and breaking rocks to collect more fruit, and thus get the berry coupons, concentrated in two places: they have no loss.

Now, get out there, talk to Orville, and get to solving that maze following this May Day Maze guide, and remember to check the latest guides on the best games around, here, at GamesAtlas.

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