Hades puts players in the burning shoes of Zagreus, ''The Prince of the Underworld'', as he battles his way out of his father's domains.

And between your many, many, and I mean, MANY, deaths, you can take a little time to explore and build relationships all over the Underworld, even romancing some of the characters present.

But be aware, to win someone's heart in Hades, just like in real life, you need to work hard and give your all, because, even if the steps are simple, getting there is a test of skill, commitment, and above all, perseverance. The same goes for the acclaimed rogue-like dungeon crawler.

We will now guide you through all the Hades romance options available  Are you Ready?

Hades Romance Options and How to Get Them

#1 - Megaera

meg romance

Megaera is one of the first characters you encounter in the game and its first boss. To romance her, you will need to give her 6 bottles of Nectar, and 4 of Ambrosia.

To unlock her dialogue, you'll need to first give her 6 bottles of Nectar and encounter the furies sisters a few times during your escape attempts. After that, you'll be able to give her Ambrosia in upcoming encounters on the House of Hades.

  • Megaera can be found in the Lounge, after being beaten or beating Zagreus in the first boss battle of the game. 

#2 - Thanatos

thanatos romance

Just like with Megaera, to romance Thanatos, you will need to first give him 6 bottles of Nectar, and 4 bottles of Ambrosia.

After giving him the necessary Nectar, you need to win the competition against Thanatos to be able to start giving him Ambrosia in the House of Hades.

Once the necessary bottles of Ambrosia are given, you can choose to romance him or continue as friends.

  • Thanatos can be found close to the Administrative Chamber after founding Zagreus during one of his scapes. Like every other NPCs, his appearance isn't always guaranteed.  

#3 - Dusa

dusa romance

Dusa is the only one of the three that can, but actually can't be romanced, since it doesn't matter if the player wants it or not, she will decide that is better for them to remain friends.

She is also the one who needs the biggest investment, with are 6 bottles of Nectar and 10 of Ambrosia.

To actively start giving her Ambrosia, Zagreus needs to at least order at least 12 Lounge-focused renovations with the contractor, which must include the cleaning of Cerberus Fur and the placement of at least one new hug.

After completing all the steps, Dusa will offer all the Ambrosia back. Accepting the offer or not doesn't have any negative repercussions.

  • Dusa can be found in various locations in the House of Hades.
  • It is important to point out that all characters can be romanced at the same time without any negative repercussions.

Final Thoughts

So, now that you know how the romance mechanic works in Hades, who of the three will you give your heart to?

Hades was developed by Supergiant Games and released in September of last year for the Nintendo Switch and PC. Don't miss out on one of the best rogue-likes of the generation and go help Zagreus forge his own destiny

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