Supergiant Games' Hades is a success, winning dozens of prestigious awards since its release, including two in last years The Game Awards, in the categories ''Best Indie Game'', and ''Best Action Game'', the title was nominated in eight different categories at the ceremony, including ''Game of The Year''. 

In Hades, you need to aid Zagreus, the ''Prince of the Underworld'' and son of Hades, in his quest to escape the domain, no matter how many tries it takes, and how many times you are killed in the process. The challenge is not easy, that's for sure, but we will now give you a few tips and pointers to help you start with the right foot. 

Adaptability Is Essential

In Hades, you will see yourself in many different circumstances, be it for your weapon of choice, the enemies in front of you, or the boons you choose to receive. and adapting to all should be your main priority, changing your strategies accordingly, as well as using the involvement as a weapon to fell your enemies.  Remember that, to get all the items and upgrade your weapons, you will need to kill bosses with each one of them at least once.

With that said, as in all rogue-like games, you will face hordes of enemies, each with its specific abilities and weakness, that said, knowing when to strike, retreat, and were to stay on the battlefield is key to getting out of it alive. Hades is made in a way that, like many other games, in special Dead Souls and Fromsoftware's Dark Souls series, that rewards the player for repetition and possesses a huge learning curve. so don't feel discouraged after dying a few times, and push forward. 

After you get accustomed to the style, you can start to explore the combinations, which is, without a doubt, a blast. 

Great Boons to Start 

On the game, you will receive a wide, and I mean a WIDE, variety of boons, given to you by the Gods of Olympus themselves, we encourage you to prioritize those that focus on a few points in the beginning, which are attack and Crit enhancing boons, defensive-oriented enhancements, and on the use of Centaur Hearts to increase your max HP. Always remember to make use of the Daedalus Hammers to upgrade your boons even further. 

For that, using the boons given to you by AresAthena, Aphrodite, and Artemis is advised. If you want to focus on getting rewards to improve yourself, your weapons, or your affinity, Poseidon is a good choice. The ocean God is also ha one of the best calls in the game, with its high damage input and ability to negate attacks. 

Great Weapons to Start

Two great weapons can be acquired rather early in the game, the Eternal Spear "Varatha", which can be unlocked with 4x Keys, and the ''Aspect of Chiron'', a remodeled version of the Heart-Seeking Bow ''Coronacht'', which can be brought after beating one of the furies, with 1x Titan Blood.

The spear is a simple but extremely versatile weapon, being ideal for both ranged and a more close-up style of combat, the ''Aspect of Chiron'' on the other hand, shines as he makes all the shots of your special attack hit your last target, making it the ideal weapon to make your way through the floor without putting yourself in unnecessary danger and causing serious damage. The bow can also be a beast when equipped with the boons given by Artemis, which increases its Critical Rate. 

Don't Forget to Explore and Interact

As we said above, the game rewards you with new dialogues each time you respawn, so don't forget to explore everything and always talk to the game's cast for new pieces of information, quests, items, and more.   

Hades was released last September 17, for PCs, via Steam and Epic Games Store, and for the Nintendo Switch. 


Don't miss out on one of the best rogue-likes ever made and jump right in!

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