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Gears 5 Multiplayer Characters


List of all Gears 5 Versus Multiplayer Characters confirmed so far for the game. The full list of Gears of War 5 characters includes all the playable soldiers from COG and Swarm (Locust) factions, for multiplayer modes Versus, Escalation, King of the Hill, Team Deathmatch, Escape, Horde, Arcade, and the rest of the mainstay modes.
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Gears 5 COG


Gears 5 Swarm


Full list of Gears 5 Multiplayer Characters:

  • Kait Diaz
  • Marcus Fenix
  • JD Fenix
  • Del Walker
  • Fahz Chutani
  • Scion
  • Swarm Drone
  • Swarm Grenadier
  • Swarm Hunter
  • Swarm Sniper
  • T-800 (Terminator: Dark Fate)
  • Sarah Connor (Terminator: Dark Fate)
  • Emile-A239 (Halo Reach)
  • Kat-B320 (Halo Reach)
  • Batista (available from 15th September)

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Gears of War 5 releases on September 10, 2019, for Xbox One, Xbox One X, and Windows PC.


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