• Gender Male
  • Faction COG


The one and only Cole Train is back baby! Augustus Cole makes his return to PVP and PVE in Gears 5 the only way he could – making one hell of an entrance.

In PVE, the Cole Train is an unstoppable force, bringing his legendary Thrashball plays to the frontline. His Ultimate sends Cole charging forward in a blaze of fire, staggering enemies in his path and leaving a trail of fire in his wake.

Cole is packing some extra tricks in his pocket too. This is Cole we’re talking about! Cole’s melee is replaced by a powerful punch that stuns enemies. He can also melee while roadie running to perform his signature Thrashball tackle too!

Cole also introduces a new status effect to the game – Burning. Once you level up Cole, you’ll find many of his cards are built around this new effect.


Role: Offensive

Ultimate: While active, Cole leaves a trail of fire while moving and can stagger and ignite enemies causing burning damage

Passive: Uses a powerful punch as a melee attack and can melee while roadie running to tackle. Killing enemies using the tackle gives stim.


All the Glory – Burning enemies explode when killed, dealing 50% of their HP in damage to nearby enemies.

Torch Tackle – Tackle burns victims and deals 250% damage to already burning enemies.

Perk Up – Max health and regeneration speed is increased by 50%.

Defensive Tackle – Damaging an enemy with a tackle gives Cole 50% stim.

Glow and Slow – Enemies that are burning are 50% slower.

Burn and Recharge – The Train Ultimate Ability recharges 5% faster for each enemy that is currently burning.

Haymaker – Melee hits deal 200% damage and drones are stunned for longer.

Play with Fire – Active rounds have a 25% chance to burn enemies.

Inner Fire – When The Train Ultimate Ability is available, Cole takes 50% less damage.

Burn Boost – Automatically active reload with 50% extra damage after melee killing a burning enemy.

Killing Time – When The Train Ultimate Ability is active, each kill increases ultimate duration by 2s.

Pyromaniac – Burn damage dealt by Cole is increased by 50%.

Damage Dash – Damage is reduced by 40% while sprinting.

Soothing Warmth – Health regeneration is 250% faster and has no delay when near burning enemies.

Steam Engine – 100% larger burn radius while The Train is active.

Thrashball Pro – Melee damage received is reduced by 60%

(All descriptions shown are for Card Level 5)


Passive: Kills produce Incendiary area of effect

Loadout: Lancer, Snub, Smoke Grenade

Weapon Tree: Retro Lancer (3), Mulcher (6), Boomshot (7)

Skull Bounty: Multi-Kills


Coming soon.

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