• Gender Male
  • Faction COG


The Grub Killer returns. The only Carmine to survive the curse of death (so far), Clayton is back to tear it up against the Swarm in both PVE and PVP.

In PVE, his Reflective Shell ability deflects all ballistic damage back to the enemy for a short time, allowing him to survive against overwhelming odds and turn incoming attacks into huge amounts of damage. With Skill Cards, Clayton can even deflect projectiles back to the enemy, including missiles, rockets and buzz saw blades.

Reflective Shell has the fastest charge time out of every ultimate – but only lasts five seconds when used, so timing is key! Clayton also features some Skill Cards that help his team become just as survivable as he is…almost.


Role: Tank

Ultimate: While active, deflect all ballistic damage back to the enemy.

Passive: Damage you take slowly recharges your Ultimate.


Bait Armor – Damage taken is decreased by 5% each hit taken by Clayton, up to 30%.

Concussive Explosives – Enemies hit with explosives are stunned for 3s.

Ice Armor – While Clayton is freezing, he will take 25% less damage.

Priority Target – Clayton taunts attacking enemies away from an ally within 10 meters for 5s.

Grace Period – Receive 3s of immunity upon being revived.

Blast Shield – Explosive damage reduced by 30%.

Heavy Charger – Each successive hit with a heavy weapon reduces the cooldown of Reflective Shell by 0.15s.

Heavy Deflect – Heavy weapon damage reduced by 30% for Clayton and allies within 10 meters.

Sole Survivor – Reflective Shell Ultimate Ability recharges 300% faster if Clayton is the only surviving teammate.

Uncle Clay – When Clayton is 10 meters from Lizzie, both receive 25% damage resistance.

Phoenix Armor – Receive 50% stim when respawning after death.

Reflect Shredder – When Reflective Shell is active, reflected damage deals 50% bleeding damage.

Team Resist – When Reflective Shell Ultimate Ability is activated, all allies receive 90% damage resistance for 5s.

Heavy Shell – Reflective Shell can reflect projectiles for 5s.

Practice Every Day – 25% faster reload speed, 50% larger active reload window and bypass reload when firing during Reflective Shell.

Ultimate Battery – Ultimate cooldown for allies within 10 meters reduced by 0.3s for each hit Clayton takes.

Freeze Resist – Time to freeze Clayton is 90% slower.

(All descriptions shown are for Card Level 5)


Passive: Headshot damage reduction

Loadout: Retro Lancer, Snub, Flashbang Grenade

Weapon Tree: Ammo Case (3), Mulcher (6), Torque Bow (7)

Skull Bounty: Multi-Kills


Coming soon.

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