"The StreetKid" Quest Information

  • Mission Number 1
  • Story Chapter Prologue
  • Mission Type Branching
  • District Cyberpunk2077 heywood exteriors overview 1050 450Heywood
  • Location El Coyote Cojo, Heywood
This is the first main job of the Streetkid Lifepaths route. V is tasked with helping a friend out by carjacking.
"Hows it feel bein' back home, V? C'mon, admit it - you missed Heywood. What, between all the dealers, hookers and total lack of opportunities, it's got its charm, don't it? You're born in Heywood, you die in Heywood. Unless you're one of the lucky ones, that is. What about you, chica/mano? That include you?

If there were an ad for Night City, it'd have Kirk's dumb, grinning face on it. He's slick, thinks he's smarter than he really is and is kind of an asshole, but whenever you call him, he's got the next Big Job that'll rake in millions - like stealing a car from a secure parking garage. 'Cause obviously the millionaires of the future are sitting in the Coyote Cojo scarfing down chili burgers... right?"

Work In Progress Guide for the Main Quest The StreetKid in Cyberpunk 2077.

"The StreetKid" Objectives

  • Find Kirk
  • Head to Embers
  • Talk to Padre, ride with him to Embers
  • Use Kirk's device to hack the Rayfield and steal it
  • Talk to Jackie

"The StreetKid" Walkthrough & Strategy

The StreetKid begins at the El Coyote Coho, a bar found in the Heywood district of Night City. V, after fixing his broken nose, is told by the bartender Pepe that there is a new Fixer in town that he owes money to. Pepe offers to clear V’s bar tab if he finds a way to settle the debt.

After meeting with the Fixer, V reluctantly agrees to steal a Rayfield Aerondight owned by an employee of the Arasaka corporation. If V can pull this off successfully, Pepe’s debt will be forgiven. V receives a ride to Westbrook, the location of the vehicle, from Padre, a friend of V’s and a leader in the area. Kirk Sawyer, an informant that the Fixer set V up with, gives the two a device that will allow V to steal the car.

V approaches the car and successfully starts it, but before he can drive away, Jackie Welles, who in this lifepath is Padre’s driver, attempts to steal the car for himself after hearing V boasting to Padre.

However, before Jackie can get away with the car, the NCPD storm the garage and subdue both V and Jackie. As they are both lying on the ground, Jackie realizes he knows the Inspector present at the scene and attempts to reason with him, hoping he can convince the man to set him free. Unfortunately for him, the vehicle's owner is also present, Mr. Fujioka, and he does not want the trouble of a trial. He tells Inspector Stints to throw them into the ocean.

Luckily for both V and Jackie, Stints also dislikes the corpos, so he leaves them both alive in an alleyway. This concludes the mission and sets up V and Jackie’s relationship heading forward.

"The StreetKid" Choices & Best Choice

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"The StreetKid" Tips & Tricks

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