There is a new LTM in Fortnite: Mando's Bounty.

Play against other players and the Mandalorian himself in this new limited-time mode. The objective is to be the highest scorer, either Solo or partnered up. Each player will receive a bounty puck with a specific target on it, and a reward in Galactic Credits. Reaching the credit goal is what the hunt will be about.

Mando's Bounty LTM

You can either hunt the bounty on your puck or anyone else you encounter. The target on the puck rewards bonus credits (1,600), whereas regular eliminations reward much fewer credits (200). Near the top of the screen is a progress bar that tracks your bounty progress towards the goal (50,000), along with the progress of the top 3 players in the lobby.

The Mandalorian himself will be participating in the hunt, targeting the top scorer for himself.

Much like the John Wick LTM, you can either hide the whole game and assassinate one of the top 3 for an easy win, or earn your way up the ranks the hard way by killing everyone you can see. You start with a green AR, a blue lever-action shotgun, and a bounty puck. Better loot can be acquired across the island.

You get a total of three lives (two respawns), so use them wisely.

kits cantina fortnite

In the desert area is a new location - Kit's Cantina. Star Wars fans can visit this location to enjoy a nice visage of the bounty hunter haven.

The Island-dwelling Hunters will drop the best loot, so make taking them out a priority if you're in dire need of credits or weapons/items.

Getting The Beskar Umbrella in Fortnite

Securing a victory royale is all it will take to bag the Beskar Umbrella, so mind your 6 and don't forget - every kill is worth it. The Umbrella is inscribed with the signet of the clan of two - a subtle reference to the hit TV series The Mandalorian.

This is the way.

fortnite mando beskar umbrella

Fortnite Crew Update

Aside from the Mando's Bounty, there is a new Fortnite Crew pack for the month of February. Subscribers will get the following bonuses -

fortnite crew feb 2021

  • Current Season's Battle Pass
  • Vi outfit with style
  • Back bling
  • Pickaxe
  • Wrap
  • Loading Screen
  • 1,000 V-bucks

For people who already own the Current Season's battle pass, 950 additional V-bucks are included in the Fortnite Crew membership pack as a refund. This does not affect people who get the battle pass along with the membership, only for the people who own the battle pass prior to acquiring the subscription.

Item Shop Update

Additionally, Snake Eyes has made his way to the Item Shop. For 1,800 V-bucks, the G.I. Joe skin is sure to ring a few bells for fans of the franchise.

fortnite snake eyes

The Gleam Team is also featured in the item shop. The bundle is available for a discounted rate of 2,500 V-bucks, while the individual pieces are available as follows -

  • Flow skin (reactive) - 1,500 V-bucks
  • Pulse skin (reactive) - 1,500 V-bucks
  • Vibe axe pickaxe (reactive) - 800 V-bucks
  • Glow wings glider - 1,200 V-bucks
  • Sonic glow wrap - 500 V-bucks

fortnite gleam team

That's all from this update of Fortnite. The Mando's Bounty LTM is available from today, February 2, to February 9 until 9 AM ET. Now go out there and prove your worth. You either die as the prey, or triumph as the hunter.

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