Vocations define the traits of your character in Dragon Dogma 2. These are essentially classes, and depending on which one you pick, it dictates your combat and playstyle. Furthermore, each vocation brings unique attributes to the table, and deciding to pick one can be a frustrating task. It's no surprise that most players will be looking to roll with the best Vocation in Dragon Dogma 2 for their initial playthrough. If you are wondering the same and looking for the best Vocation in Dragon Dogma 2, we've put together guide explaining which one to choose.

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How Many Vocations Are There In Dragon Dogma 2?

As of now, there are 10 Vocations in Dragon Dogma 2. Archer, Fighter, Mage, and Thief are the basic Vocations that will be available from the beginning of the game. To unlock Warrior and Sorcerer, you need to complete the Vocation Frustration Quest. Mystic Spearhand can be unlocked by talking to Sigurd at any point in the game. Upon completing Put a Spring in Thy Step quest in Dragon Dogma 2, you'll unlock Magick Archer Vocation. Completing the Put a Spring in Thy Step quest will lead you to Volcanic Island Camp Hot Springs, where you'll meet Lamond. He will teach you Warfarer Vocation. Finally, Trickster  Vocation is part of Flickering Shadows quest, where you need to interact with the Oracle, Luz.

Best Vocation In Dragon Dogma 2

Of course, there is no straightforward answer to this. The best Vocation in Dragon Dogma 2 highly depends on your playstyle and where you are at in the game. That said, given that you have unlocked every Vocation in the game, Warfarer and Mystic Spearhand are certainly the cream of the crop.

mystic spearhand in dragon dogma 2

Mystic Spearhand provides a balance of both melee and ranged attacks. You can either rely on the Duospear weapon for close combat or use magick for throwing spells. It's also great for AoE damage, making it the preferred choice for slaying mobs. Overall, with a combination of spear and magick, you'll be able to control the flow on the battlefield.

warfarer best vocation in dragon dogma 2

On the other, Warfarer is hands down the most versatile Vocation in the game. What makes Warfarer one of the best Vocation is its ability to take skills and weapons from every other Vocation. Although it has lower base stats compared to other Vocations in the game, the ability to use any weapon in the game simply makes it exceptional. That said, Warfarer Vocation does have a high learning curve and requires players to have a deep knowledge of every weapon in the game to maximize its potential.

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