On this page, you can find all the Perks available in Saints Row (2022), the reboot of the action-adventure open-world video game developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver.

In Saints Row, you can find 3 different types of Perks: 

  • Minor Perks
  • Major Perks
  • Elite Perks

Exactly like for the Saints Row Skills, you can access your Perks Tree via the app on the in-game smartphone of your character at any point in the game. Once you're in the Perks app, you can assign your character: 2 Minor Perks, 2 Major Perks, and 1 Elite Perk.

You can unlock the Perks by doing some specific challenges. You can see the list of challenges in the Perks app on your phone.

But before assigning perks, you need to spend some money to buy the Perk Slots. Every Perk slot requires an increasing amount of cash to be purchased.

  • Minor Perk Slot 1: Complete a mission
  • Minor Perk Slot 2: $10,000
  • Major Perk Slot 1: $25,000
  • Major Perk Slot 2: $100,000
  • Elite Perk Slot: $250,000

Let's take a look at all the Perk abilities available in the game and their unlock levels.

Saints Row Perks List (2022):

Here are all the confirmed Minor, Major, and Elite Perks available in Saints Row 2022.

Saints Row Minor Perks:

perksDescriptionHow To Unlock
Tactical Training You move faster when crouching and using fine aim. Complete "Making Rent" Main Mission
Death Race When you're close to death, you can run a lot faster. Complete 1 Challenge
In the Flow You never lose flow except when you perform a skill. Complete 2 Challenges
Close Call The vehicle you're driving gains more boost time when you have a near miss. Complete 3 Challenges
Gunslinger Hip-fire shooting is more accurate. Complete 5 Challenges
Sneak Attack You do more damage when you attack enemies from behind. Complete 6 Challenges
Fire Resistant You stay in control while on fire and take less fire damage. Complete 8 Challenges
Dead Eye After you get a headshot kill, your reload speed increases. Complete 9 Challenges
Loot Grab You automatically pull nearby cash and ammo. Complete 11 Challenges
Shock Tactics Taze enemies who hit you with a melee attack. This perk has a cooldown. Complete 12 Challenges
Trampoline You gain more altitude from a wingsuit bounce. Complete 15 Challenges
Speed Demon You can boost for a longer time while driving. Complete 18 Challenges
Breakfall You don't take damage from falling. Complete 46 Challenges

Saints Row Major Perks:

perksDescriptionHow To Unlock
On the Down Low All actions generate less notoriety. Complete 4 Challenges
Scavenger You collect more rounds when you pick up an ammo box. Complete 7 Challenges
Full Contact Reduce the cooldown of your takedown when you kick an enemy then kill them. Complete 10 Challenges
Fast Learner You receive a bonus on XP earned. Complete 13 Challenges
Nihil Obstat Non-player Saints do more damage. Complete 14 Challenges
Shiny and Chrome You do more damage when sideswiping in a car. Complete 16 Challenges
Dual Wield When wielding pistols or SMGs, you hold a weapon in each hand. Complete 19 Challenges
Back Off! After you kick an enemy, your bullets do more damage against them. Complete 20 Challenges
Flow Gambit You deal less damage but gain more Flow whenever you hit an enemy. Complete 24 Challenges
Not Dead Yet You can regenerate twice the amount of health in combat. Complete 26 Challenges
Lust for Life Your health starts regenerating as soon as you kill an enemy. Complete 28 Challenges
Finishing School Takedowns sometimes make nearby enemies cower in fear. Complete 32 Challenges
Eagle Eye You reduce the cooldown of your takedown when you get a headshot. Complete 36 Challenges
Juggernaut You gain more flow when your health is low. Complete 42 Challenges

Saints Row Elite Perks:

perksDescriptionHow To Unlock
Saving Throw Gain 2 health bars when your health is depleted. This perk has a cooldown. Complete 17 Challenges
Surgical Strike Temporarily do more damage for each precision kill (up to 5) made in quick succession. Complete 22 Challenges
Ride Eternal The vehicle you're driving gains health whenever you destroy another vehicle. Complete 30 Challenges
Big Finish You gain double the amount of health from takedowns. Complete 34 Challenges
Dodge Baller You temporarily do more damage after dodging a melee attack. Complete 38 Challenges
Rampage You do more damage when your flow meter is full. Complete 40 Challenges
Blood and Guts When you're out of flow, you can spend health using a skill. Complete 44 Challenges

Which is your favorite Perk in Saints Row? Let us know in the comments below!

Saints Row released on August 23, 2022, for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC via the EpicGames store.

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