How to play Town of Salem if you are one of the town killing roles? The wheel has awarded you the role of Vigilante, Veteran, or Jailor.

It’s your duty to catch and kill the bad guys as one of the killing town roles, so how do you go about it?

Here goes:

How to Play Town of Salem as Vigilante?

tos vigilante

If you are a Vigilante, you can directly shoot a player you consider a non-town member, but you only have three shots. So, make sure to use them wisely!

Even though you don’t have the powers of Investigative roles, you have to act as an Investigator yourself and closely cooperate with them.

Some of the best ways to spot the Mafia or Neutral Killing roles is to observe who is trying to accuse others and vote up people.

Also, a golden rule is to see who skipped on voting up the Mafia on the stand. Just open the Chatbox and check it. It’s something people often overlook, but it’s 99% accurate, especially if there are not many people left.

Next, pay attention to their role claims. If you see that 2 and 2 don’t add up, then shoot.

But of course, don’t rush it.

It’s not a good idea to shoot too early, or you may kill a Town member, which makes you die the next night.

Then again, if the Town has not caught many evil roles, it might be worth it to go for a risk and shoot someone.

At other times, they may ask you to shoot someone who is suspicious to prove yourself as the Vigilante. Always do that.

If all Random Town slots are taken and there’s another person claiming a TK role, shoot them. You’ll probably hit a Mafioso.

Just make sure to always write it in your Last Will, because the worst-case scenario could happen: You can shoot someone, they don’t die because they are immune (so, it’s either a GF, NK, or an EXE), but they kill you that night, and you cannot tell the Town they were immune when you shot them.

vigilante tos

Oh, and in case someone claims a Jester, just shoot them. It’s not worth it. They are evil 99% of the time.

How to Play Town of Salem as Veteran?

tos veteran

A Veteran can choose to go on alerts and kill anyone who visits their home during the night.

Some players utilize the tactics of going on alerts very early in the game, sometimes the very first night. This can be useful because you’ll be a proven Town member and the evil roles won’t attack you again, but there’s a high risk you can kill an Investigative role. I’d say it’s not worth it.

Instead, try and whisper to the Jailor, the Mayor, or Investigators when they get revealed during the day. If you are wondering how to whisper in Town of Salem, you can do so by typing "/w (player name or number) (your message)". For example, you can use this: /w 9 hey, vet bait". Do this at the end of the day phase so that it gets noticed. Then, go on alert the next night.

Using the Vet bait is a good strategy because the evil roles will think you are someone important - maybe a Doctor or a Bodyguard - and might attack you the next night.

When you are a Veteran, your Last Will is not super important, but the Town will most likely think you are bad if you don’t write it up. It should look something like this:

veteran tos

How to Play Town of Salem as Jailor?

tos jailor

Jailor is the most important Town role as it’s your duty to carry the Town. You can jail anyone during the night and talk to them. Then, if you think that they lie about their role, you can execute them.

Some obvious signs that people lie are being too late with the claim, or the inability to paste their Last Will. If they don’t have a Last Will, they are probably evil.

Also, Jester and Executioner claims are definitely bad, even if they don’t lie. Always execute them.

Lastly, as a Jailor, it might be a good idea to come on Day 1. Many people consider this the best strategy because then you will have the Lookout and Protective roles on you.

Also, once they get confirmed, you can ask them to stay on some other Town members because the Mafia and NK will not attack you until they clear the Protective roles out of their way. 

For instance, if you have a Lookout who can confirm a Doctor and a Bodyguard, whisper them and tell them to guard each other or the Lookout. That’s a very good example of perfect Town cooperation.

A pro tip: A BG (Bodyguard) claim is very common for the Godfather role. If you have someone claiming a BG to you in jail, tell them who you are and that you want them to stay on you. Also, make it clear that, if you die, the Town will lynch them.

And then write something like: “8 claims BG; I told them to stay on me. If I die, get them lynched.”

That said, your Jailor Last Will should look like this:

jailor tos

Final Words

Thanks for stopping by and checking how to play one of the TK (Town Killing) roles. 

I like them because you can take the matter into your own hands. Just wait for the perfect moment, and you could win the game for the Town.

On the flip side, killing a Town member will surely spark up the worst arguments you’ve ever seen in the game. But hey, you know what they say - It’s no use crying over… Wrongly killed Town members.

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