Magnamalo is Monster Hunter Rise's flagship monster and one of the first to make things difficult for us. Here we help you defeat him with a series of tips and tricks on how to defeat Magnamalo. Monster Hunter Rise is here and with it, a number of the most intimidating monsters land on Nintendo Switch. The bearer for this title is the Magnamalo, a beast that serves as the game's first great boss and that will be a considerable challenge for any player.

How to Defeat Magnamalo

How to Defeat Magnamalo

Magnamalo's Behaviour and Techniques

The first thing you should know is their behaviour. Magnamalo bears certain similarities to other Fanged Wyverns, such as Zinogre. This monster’s defense? A quick, withering attack.

Magnamalo will haunt you with constant setbacks, blows, jumps, and its most lethal weapon, a cloud of infernal fire that it will release and detonate in various ways. If the explosive steam hits you, it will inflict a hellfire plague that deals delayed damage to you. To get rid of this plague, you must use Wirebugs skills or apply deodorant.

Fighting Magnamalo can be extremely annoying since you will have to dodge its attacks all the time (unless you have a shield weapon, you can block it with a shield). We recommend that you perform short and fast combos to be ready to protect yourself or dodge your stakes. This monster also has very powerful ranged weapons and jumps. With its tail, it will generate energy balls and a "laser" that will be able to leave you K.O. if you get lost. His most damaging attack causes him to teleport at lightning speed from the sky on a downward trajectory.

Techniques to defeat Magnamalo: Use better weapons and exploit weaknesses

As usual, the monster's head is its weak point. This is where we will apply the most damage, either with cuts or with blows of the mace or shield. With projectiles, we will cause less damage to any part of the body.

If you can't hit him on the head, opt for a much more affordable area, the blade arms. They are much more accessible and you can disable one of their offensive resources. And speaking of suppressing threats, if you want to have more relaxed combat, it is best that you try to sever its tail since the vast majority of its attacks come from there.

When it comes to weapons, unless you have impeccable timing with its attacks, the best you can equip is something that is balanced and not too slow. The long sword, shield sword, or insect glaive are all good options. Also, you can use a good spear and ensure defense and a simpler, constant attack.

Lastly, Magnamalo is more vulnerable to the element of water and secondly, to thunder, so make sure you have weapons of these elements to make the hunt more enjoyable.

Good luck and remember that this monster will be much more difficult to hunt at high rank!

If you want to know more about the monster, consult the Hunter Notes in your menu to have all the information you need. And for more guides on the best games around, stay tuned, here at GamesAtlas.

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