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Little Nightmares has been with us now for just shy of over a month. It came onto the scene in February and has received great reviews from die-hard fans and new players alike. However great the game may be, it does make for a relatively short but fun single-player experience. So if you're like us, and you can't truly feel at peace until you complete any game at 100%, then you're in luck. This article will briefly go over Little Nightmares ll All Hat Locations for hats available for collection in the game. And because we're nice, we'll even throw in a hidden Hat available at the start of the game.

Shall we begin?

Little Nightmares ll: All Hat Locations

Raccoon Hat - Chapter 1 

Starting off into your crazed hat collecting adventure you'll pick up this hat fairly easily into the start of the first chapter. As you enter the strange house, you'll eventually come across this hat, sitting in the middle of the room staring straight at you. You literally cannot miss it. 

Little Nightmares ll: All Hat Locations and Where To Find Them

Nome Hat - DLC Chapter 1

Now, it is worth noting that the Nome hat is only available through the Nome's Attic DLC.  If you own the DLC, then you're in luck, as now there are technically 3 Hats up for grabs in chapter 1.

This is possibly one of the easier hats to find during the game and is basically a no-brainer.

As Mono is navigating his way through the house, he'll eventually find an attic. Once you enter, Mono should see a nome run across the screen. The nome will make haste further into the attic and will hide from you. 

If you follow these steps in order you'll find the nome and enter the next part of this small chase. 

  1. Open the luggage along the wall.
  2. Throw a shoe toward the cardboard box.
  3. Open the drawer on your left.
  4. Jump on the chair a few times .

nome hat step by step

Keep following the nome past the painting and you will enter a dark room. Depending on your brightness, it can become difficult to navigate, but you should be fine as you keep to the right and the little guy will light a match.

The nome will try to stay above you throughout this period, and as you lead it through the walkway, it'll have nowhere else to walk. Show your generosity and pull up a cart for the nome to jump on, then push the cart further along. The nome will eventually open a cage door for you and light a lantern. Flip a switch in the same room and the lights will come on. Make your way to the left side of the area. 

Now, you'll want to stay along the bottom of the screen, and as you approach a filing cabinet, pull out the lower drawer, Make your way to the same path you led the nome into the caged room. 

When you return to the caged room, you'll be able to pick up the hat with some ease. Enjoy your unique collectible!

nome hat

Rain Hat - Chapter 1

Possibly one of the easier - if not the easiest of the bunch to find.

As soon as you escape The Hunter, you'll cross a broken bridge. Looking slightly above the bridge, you'll find a cage. Underneath, there are a few more cages that you can use to climb on and jump onto the hanging cage. After you jump enough times, the cage will fall, and the dooR will open, leaving you to claim the iconic yellow rain hat. Enjoy.

rain hat

Soccer ball Hat - Chapter 2 

At the very start of Little Nightmares ll chapter 2, you'll find yourself in a rather eerie abandoned playground. What would normally be full of laughter and energy all around is now a desolate, void, and empty space in which children use to play. Creepy, right?

But you've just escaped a shotgun-wielding madman, so you may as well use this time to cool down, play on the swings, kick the soccer ball... find a hat, maybe. As you approach the doors of the school, look closely, and you'll see the hat sitting on top of a dumpster just behind the goal post. 

soccer hat

Tin Can Hat - Chapter 2 

Further into the school after you climb through the air vents, you'll drop into the library. As you drop in, you'll see a ladder with wheels just ahead of Mono. Push this to the right slightly and you'll see an out-of-place tin can on the fifth shelf. So, climb the ladder, pick it up, and pop it on your head. Anything can be a hat if you're creative enough. 

tin can

Teddy Bear Hat - Chapter 3 

During the ever so creepy hospital sequence, Mono will eventually pass through an X-ray room and into a small nursery filled with all the sweet and innocent stuffed animals you could dream of. Walk past the bear with one eye, and on the right side of the room, you'll see a shelf filled with even more toys. On top is a teddy bear hat - again missing one eye - but still as cute as ever. Be sure to add this to your hat collection!

bear hat

Bandage Hat - Chapter 3 

After you escape the world's most menacing mannequins, you'll drop into a rather creepy morgue. Looking straight to the left and past the dissection table, you'll find an old, possibly used bandage inside one of the containers in the wall. None the less used or not, pick it up, pop it on your head and be on your way! 

bandage hat

Mail Carrier Hat - Chapter 4

After making your way through the desolate city, Mono will eventually enter what seems to be a mailroom. Drop down into the massive gap and make a left behind you. Mono will enter a small tunnel and upon exit, you will be able to pick up what is a mailman's hat - or a police hat - it's up for debate. But it's another hat for your collection! 

mail hat

Newsie Hat - Chapter 4

Many many TV screens later, Mono stumbles across a store. Browse through the isles, maybe pick up something you like? On the right side of the store is a shopping trolly. You will want to pull this back to the left side and push it against the first stack of shelves. Climb the trolly and make your way to the left corner of the room where you will find a well-hidden Newsie Hat. 

newsie hat

Well, there you go! Every hat in your arsenal. You now have enough hats to possibly start a hat collecting craze big enough to rival sneaker collecting! We hope you found these hats with ease!

If you found the Little Nightmares ll: All Hat Locations guide helpful, be sure to check our other helpful guides for little Nightmares, and much more!

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