saints row 2022 signature abilities list

Saints Row Signature Abilities List (2022)

On this page, you can find the full list of all the confirmed Saints Row Signature Abilities for vehicles and weapons available in the game. 

Saints Row Cars Signature Abilities List:

Here are all the confirmed signature abilities featured in Saint Row 2022:

Saints Row Weapons Signature Abilities List:

  • Aim High: A headshot made with one of the last few rounds in the magazine fully reloads the weapon.
  • Armor-Piercing Rounds: Armor-piercing rounds inflict more damage on Tough enemies.
  • Bashmaster: Staggers targets for a longer duration.
  • Beowulf Receiver: Modified .50 receiver does more damage to vehicles and hits dynamic objects with a bigger punch.
  • Big Bang: Triples the RPG warhead load for bigger booms.
  • Bleeding Edge: The weapon inflicts wicked cuts that cause triple bleeding damage over time.
  • Bloodsucker: Gain a small amount of health every time you hit an enemy.
  • Buffalo Shot: The weapon has a random chance of ragdolling and knocking the target backward.
  • Dragonbreath Shells: Phosphorous-coated pellets have a chance to set targets on fire.
  • Electrotherapy: Heavy melee attacks with this weapon give you some health.
  • Flashgasm: Grenade explosions spawn three smaller fireworks that explode for festive mayhem.
  • Flechette Shells: Sharpened, barbed darts rip into the target and cause extra bleeding damage.
  • Flow State: As you gain more Flow, shots do more damage.
  • Full Battle Rattle: A few simple modifications turn this shotgun into a fully automatic weapon.
  • Improved Spray & Pray: The longer you fire the gun, the more accurate it becomes.
  • Johnny Fuse: As your killstreak with this weapon increases, the cooldown on your takedown decreases.
  • Magnum Rounds: Hits inflict some area-of-effect damage and push the target back.
  • Major Impact: Hits unleash a shockwave that damages and disrupts nearby targets.
  • Rocket Rebound: Micro-missiles now bounce to nearby enemies after hitting their targets.
  • Shock & Ouch: The force from the muzzle blast staggers and damages nearby enemies.
  • Shocker Rounds: Each reload cycles among three types of bullet effects: fire, electricity, and bleeding.
  • Shocktacular: The zap stuns targets in a small radius when it connects.
  • Splattergun: Hits inflict minor splash damage around the point of impact.
  • Supercharger: The weapon has a random chance of electrifying and stunning the target.
  • Swarm Tracers: The rifle has a random chance of firing a homing projectile for added damage and accuracy.
  • Swing Away!: A lethal heavy attack sends the enemy flying into the air.
  • Trigger Happy: The weapon becomes a full-auto machine pistol. And you thought it wasted bullets before!

Saints Row released this summer on August 23, 2022, for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC via the EpicGames store.

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