Hades, Supergiant Games' latest success and one of the most acclaimed games of the last couple of years, puts players in the blazing shoes of Zagreus, Prince of the Underworld, and the only son of Hades, the God of the Dead, as he fights to reach the surface and escape his fathers clutches. Are you wondering how to get the Sigil of the Dead Keepsake? Bear with me!

The young prince is not alone, as he counts with the help of his allies and his family, which features the Gods of Olympus, to make his way past the deadly dangers who stand between him and his objective.

With that said, one of the many forms in which both the Olympians and the deities and residents of the Underworld can help the prince is by giving him Keepsakes, each offering a different buff sure to aid him in his many battles.

And, among all keepsakes, one that keeps eluding fans to this day is the Sigil of the Dead, given to the Prince by the God of the underworld, with some believing that failing to gift Hades the first bottle will result in losing the keepsafe forever. 

Now get ready, because we will now show you how to get The Sigil of the Dead, and what it does.

How to Get the Sigil of the Dead Keepsake and What it Does 

How to Get The Sigil of the Dead Keepsake

The Sigil of the Dead. IMAGE: Hades Wiki. 

As we said above the Sigil of the Dead is a keepsake given to Zagreus by his father, and the game's final boss, Hades, but differently from other NPCs in the game, giving him Nectar proves to be a little trickier than most, after all, after killing each other a few hundreds of times, relationships tend to get a little awkward.

With that said, to get the Keepsake you will have to get past that awkward stage and give him 2 bottles of Nectar, something you will only be able to do after beating him in a duel at least 10 times and unlock the game's true ending. Easy, right? 

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What does the Keepsake do?

Between all the keepsakes in Hades, we have the game's best, like Patroclus' Broken Spearpoint, Eurydice's Evergreen Acorn, and Persephone's Pom Blossom, but Hades' Sigil of the Dead can be a good one or those looking for a thought selection fo booms since it gives Zagreus' the call Hades' Aid, that turns him invisible for a few seconds and increase his damage based on its level.

The Keepsake also allows him to start battles with his god gauge already partially full, going from 10% to 30%.

Differently from the other keepsakes, Sigil of the Dead has two distinct effects, since after using it at max gauge Zagreus becomes Unseen, a state in which turn him invisible for 5 seconds, increasing his damage drastically and enhancing his speed.

Hades is currently available for both PC and Nintendo Switch, versions of the game for both the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and on Xbox Games Pass.

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