As is customary with most Monster Hunter games, there are usually around five locales, or regions, where the monsters dwell along with a variety of endemic life, flora, and other beings. The kinds of monsters you find in each locale depend on the nature of the locales. For example, monsters that are more acclimated to colder climates tend to dwell in the icy regions. In this article, we will focus on the locales that have been confirmed to be in Monster Hunter Rise through trailers and screenshots.

Shrine Ruins

mhr shrine ruins

The first locale that was shown in Monster Hunter Rise was Shrine Ruins. This area was also featured in the pre-release demo of the game. This locale is said to be a place where people once prayed for protection. However, since then, the shrine has decayed, and it is now haunted by the roars of monsters during the day as well as night. There is a mysterious aura that is exuded throughout, indicating that there is still something holy about the place.

The map features a variety of flora and fauna, with a river flowing along the east side. There is a lot of verticality in this area, allowing the player to explore all kinds of heights using the wirebugs. There are two giant dog-shaped rock mountains, most likely a nod to the canyne creatures that act as Palamutes in the game.

Flooded Forest

mhr flooded forest

This is a returning map, fans of Monster Hunter 3 will remember this classic region. However, aside from it being not the exact same area as the previous games but rather a new portion of the forest, it has also been entirely optimized to better fit the mechanics and mobility features of Monster Hunter Rise. Said to have been intensely flooded, areas within the forest are largely submerged underwater, allowing water-borne creatures such as Leviathans to make it their habitats. The pyramid ruins in this forest, instead of simply being backdrops like in the previous games, are now accessible and scalable using the wirebug.

Unlike Monster Hunter 3, this map will not feature the swimming mechanic, but rather hunters will fight monsters in shallow water bodies - similar to combat with piscine wyverns like the Jyuratodus in Monster Hunter World.

Frost Islands

mhr frost islands

Only recently revealed, this snowy region is a welcome addition to the locale roster for Monster Hunter Rise. Following the massive success of Iceborne, Capcom is hoping to score another hit with the Frost Islands region. Said to be the nest area of a huge dragon, this area houses the remains of many brave heroes who lost their lives fighting the beast. The remains of the dragon, as well as those of the ship used by hunters to fight it, can be seen on the map. The ship even sports a dragonator.

There are watery areas, a large amount of endemic life, scalable remnants of ships and creatures, and several mysterious wyverns that can be found in this region. It is said to have a creepy atmosphere, which is not surprising considering the Goss Harag has made it its home.

Aside from all these regions, there is a rumored fourth Volcanic Region. This is said to be hinted at in the teaser of the Yatsukadaki, a Temnoceran that makes its debut in Monster Hunter Rise, with the volcanic region slightly visible behind it.

Monster Hunter Rise release on the 26th of March, 2021 for the Nintendo Switch.


The recently rumored "Yatsukadaki" has been confirmed to be the Temnoceran Rakna-Kadaki. In the trailer teasing it, the Lava Caverns, aka a volcanic region or area, have been all but confirmed. Glimpses of it can be caught in this video.

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