This improved version of Metro: Exodus now comes to the new generation consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X, and gives us the opportunity to enjoy better than ever this cult game developed by 4A Games and Deep Silver. This is the same development we enjoyed a couple of years ago (with two additional downloadable pieces of content added, The Two Colonels and Sam's Story), but is Metro Exodus worth playing again today? If you haven't played it, as we will note in our Metro Exodus Complete Edition review, an exceptional first-person adventure awaits you. And perhaps this is its first differential element, it is a narrative "shooter", with a great character portrait, a spectacular setting, and great fidelity to the work of Dmitry Glukhovsky, which started with Metro 2033.

Metro Exodus Complete Edition Review

Metro Exodus Complete Edition Review

Russia after the apocalypse

For most of the game, we are crew members of the Aurora train (named after the Russian cruise ship and also after the Roman goddess of the dawn): an old steam locomotive that crosses the country in search of a habitable place

Since radio silence was broken in Moscow, we crossed the Volga in winter, the Yamantau bunker in spring, the Caspian Sea in summer, the taiga in autumn, and the frozen city of Novosibirsk. It is an adventure of discovery, with a somewhat more optimistic tone than Glukhovsky's books, but without straying too far.

Each of these locations is planned as an open level. In certain cases with "sandbox" maps through which we move freely in rowing boats or in a van. This is a giant step for the saga, which moved with familiarity through the tunnels, closed and dark in the two previous installments: Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light.

That does not mean that we have given up claustrophobic elements that flirt with terror, but the range of situations that Artyom must face is widening. There is also no lack of infiltration, survival, and more narrative area mechanics, which convey the depressing and bleak tone of this saga.

And since we mentioned survival, the game unfolds in two aspects: what refers to crafting (the creation of objects and ammunition) and the "realistic" interface, with "in-game" indicators.

Metro Exodus introduces two ways to modify equipment. We can take off our backpack to make emergency supplies (medicine cabinets, ammunition, and filters for the mask) anywhere or stop at workbenches to clean our weapons, modify them and improve our protections.

To find a direction, you will have to consult the map and the compass. To know the level of radiation in the air, we will have to look at the Geiger counter that we wear on our wrist, and when we notice that it is difficult for us to breathe, we will have to put on a gas mask.

Metro Exodus version for PS5 and Xbox Series X: What's New?

The content of this Complete Edition is the same that was launched in 2019 along with the two additional DLCs (The Two Colonels and Sam's Story). This may put back those who have already played it, but it is a well-written story and it puts a perfect end to the trilogy.

As for what is new, we find dynamic 4K resolution and 60 FPS very well resolved, which make the game smoothly enjoyable. In addition, high-resolution textures have been added that give 3D models a new life. With other scalable engines, we had already seen games that made the leap in generation with an increase in resolution and FPS rate, but in the case of Metro Exodus, the work is very remarkable.

Two years have passed since the original was released (which at the time already had some aspects that could be improved) and therefore some models have become outdated, the work on the faces is no longer so impressive (especially the effect on the eyes of some character) and there are objects that lack detail. But the update keeps some environments impressive.

The key is in the lighting. To what extent can light alter a game?  Well, in a title like Metro Exodus, it is crucial. The way open spaces alternate with dynamic lighting, volumetric fog, and ray-traced light sources is great. And indoors, with damp walls that reflect the focus of the flashlight or flames, things get better.

Light is also an important factor in the gameplay since infiltration is based on keeping us in the dark in areas guarded by enemies.

The load times have been drastically reduced thanks to the use of the SSD, and it is greatly appreciated, since in the 2019 game, they were quite heavy. What remains unconvinced is the behavior of the weapons and the Artificial Intelligence of the enemy sentries: we can pass very close without being seen, but once detected they have an infallible aim.

According to what we know now the launch of this Complete Edition has been used to solve some bugs (although we have still found characters that go through walls) and also incorporates a great 3D sound.

As for the haptic controls, the vibration of the dual sense controller has not been used much, but the adaptive triggers have, which show different resistance depending on the weapon we use.

Concluding the Metro Exodus Complete Edition Review

In our opinion, Metro Exodus is still a great narrative shooter. Upgrades for PS5 and Xbox Series X make it "fight back" despite the time that has passed since the original release. The story, locations, and characters are still great.

If we have any of the previous versions, the update is free, so we have a chance to enjoy it again (and better than ever)? And if you haven't played it, it's available at a reduced price, which is a perfect opportunity to give it a try.

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