Peculiar Wonderland is a new mini-game within the Windblume Festival event. It entails three randomly generated mini-games, followed by a boss to defeat. Earning more points in the mini-games gives more buffs when you fight the boss. This guide will give tips for the mini-games, what party setup to bring to get all the achievements and tips for defeating the final boss. 


peculiar challenges

Characters and Setup 

There are several team setups or characters that you can bring to make some of the mini-games easier to complete. For example, a double Anemo team setup decreases stamina consumption by 15%. Characters like Razor and Kaeya decrease stamina consumption as well. Using Xiao's elemental skill allows you to dodge more quickly in some of the games. These characters could definitely make games such as Bubble Speedster, The Great Bubble Crash and Barrage Minuet easier since you can move in the arena more easily.

Bringing characters such as Zhongli or Albedo could also give you an edge in Windblume Blessing, as you can pick up more of the Crowns from higher up. Using Mona or Hu Tao in both Bubble mini-games will allow you to dodge some of the bubbles more easily, as your character can temporarily dodge some of the bubbles during sprinting animations. Venti can use his elemental skill to generate wind and dodge during Barrage Minuet or to get the crowns in Stepping Stone Antics. Bringing the Geo traveller would definitely make your mini-games (Barrage Minuet and Stepping Stone Antics) easier since you can use the Geo platform to avoid the barrage or step to the side of the wall instead of standing on the stepping stones.   

Facundity Tips

In most of these mini-games, you do not earn extra points for extra time left over. Unlike the gliding challenge in the Windblume Festival, these challenges do not give extra points for each extra second -- you just need to ensure that you can complete the challenge on time. Collecting crowns does give bonus points but ensure that you will not fail the challenge to get the crowns! Passing the challenge gives more facundity (typically 60) than gaining crowns. This is especially true in games such as Stepping Stone Antics and Barrage Minuet

With higher points gained from the mini-games, you will have more Facundity and boosts to your characters. These boosts change from day to day, but there is generally an increasing benefit to each boost as you gain more facundity. For example, this was one of the boosts I received yesterday:

 facundity boosts

Overall, you can try to aim to hit 200 Facundity to make the boss fight easier, or 300 Facundity if you would like to try beating your CRIT Damage record. However, if you are looking to complete the mini-game specific achievements, do not worry about the Facundity that you gain since it is possible to complete the final boss within the time limit. 


Since the last boss has not yet been released, I will only be reviewing the Pyro Regisvine, Stonehide Lawachurls and the Ruin Guard with the Ruin Hunter.

Pyro Regisvine

For the Pyro regisvine, ensure that you bring a Hydro or Cryo character to target the roots/corolla infused with Pyro more easily. Of course, this doesn't mean that you cannot bring Pyro characters as they can inflict the regisvine with Pyro and allow for elemental reactions to increase damage. You could bring Mona or Barbara to inflict the regisvine with Hydro so that it will stop attacking at a faster rate. 

Stonehide Lawachurls

The Stonehide Lawachurls come in pairs and require either a Geo character or a Claymore character to break the shields. I would personally recommend bringing Zhongli or Noelle for the task since their Geo element and shields work well for the enemy at hand. Their shields are good since the Lawachurl can almost one-shot your characters with their AoE attack when plunging into the ground. Additionally, when there is only one lawachurl left, there will be random strikes of lightning, similar to domains that drop icicles on your character. To avoid this, you can try grouping both lawachurls together and attack them together with a melee character. 

Ruin Enemies with Samachurls

The Ruin Guard and Ruin Grader can be difficult to beat as you have to avoid the missile projection attacks from the Ruin Guard and the targeted attacks from the Ruin Grader. As such, I would greatly recommend bringing a Freeze team composition. This defensive playstyle can prevent your characters from dying before doing any damage. For example, I brought Tartaglia with Ganyu to freeze enemies easily. However, ensure that you kill off both the Anemo and Hydro Samachurl before attempting to kill the larger enemies. The samachurls can disrupt your attacks, especially if you do not have a shield character on your team. The odd number of enemies in the domain will also cause icicles to drop, so try to group enemies and kill them in pairs.  


peculiar wonderland achievements

If you are struggling with completing all the achievements for each of the Peculiar Wonderland phases, you can attempt to only complete the achievement when given the specific mini-game. It might be difficult to collect crowns during the duration of the game and pass the challenge as well, so you might prefer to focus on getting the achievement. Do look at the list of achievements first before attempting Peculiar Wonderland, so you know what to aim for.  

It is possible to not receive the mini-game in one of the phases, so you can attempt the domain again to complete the achievement if you'd like. For example, I only received Barrage Minuet once in the first phase and was unable to dodge all the attacks. However, I feel that it is a worthy investment to obtain the achievement since you can get talent level up books without spending any resin. 


peculiar wonderland shop

The best item to obtain from the shop will definitely be the Windblume Ode. You can also get the weapon ascension material from the shop and do ensure that you level up your weapon during the Windblume Festival period as there is a boost to weapon ascension. If you would like to read about the Windblume Ode weapon, you can read my other guide on the 1.4 updates new weapons here, which includes recommendations of characters to use the weapons on as well. 

You should definitely exchange for all the weapon ascension materials, as you never know when you might need to ascend a new weapon and what materials are required. 

We hope that this article has been helpful and that you enjoy the Windblume Festival! Do let us know if there are any other articles you would like us to make! 

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