While cheaters run amok on the streets of Verdansk, Call of Duty: Cold War experiences a revival in its popularity with the recent addition of Firebase Z to its map collection. Along with this update, the Ray Gun made a surprising return, under the name of “RAI K-84”.

Players can get their hands on this weapon in two ways. One by earning it from a Firebase Z mystery box, or by crafting it. Each mystery box costs 950 points and players might have to buy more than one of these since finding a RAI K-84 in the first box isn’t guaranteed. The alternative method is to craft it. Although the latter method is difficult and time-consuming, it's way cheaper and is also accessible to players without points, to begin with.


You need a blueprint to work with before you can begin piecing together the gun itself.  While on the Firebase Z map, head on to the Weapons Lab. You can see a screen with the R.A.I. K-84 Blueprint energy rifle schematics pinned to the left of the computer terminal. Pick up the blueprint and start gathering materials to begin crafting your very own RAI K-84.

Items Required:

  • Kuhlklay's eye
  • Barrel Assembly
  • Aethrium Converter
  • Uncharged Power Cell

Kuhlklay's Eye:


Players can find the eye in the Scorched Defense region of Firebase Z. Look for a burnt corpse leaning against a wrecked tank on the right side of the area. When you approach the body, a “Retrieve eye” prompt will appear. Once you activate the prompt, a long animation follows. Since this animation is considerably long, make sure to do it only if you’re safe.

Barrel Assembly:



Return with the Eye to the Weapons Lab. Interact with a red-screen monitor to the right of the location of the blueprint. A drawer will open shortly, and you will be able to pick up the locker key. This item isn't essential for building the Weapon itself, but you will need to open all the lockers to prompt a Mimic enemy to spawn.

Go to the Barracks and start opening the 6+ lockers positioned between the cots. Once all the lockers have been unlocked, a mimic will emerge. During this section, some players have recorded spawning as many as three Mimics, so it's better to destroy all of them. The Barrel Assembly weapon component will be dropped by one of these mimics.

Aethrium Converter:

In order to obtain this component, head back to the weapons lab. The computer will display a pie chart, which is essentially a circle cut into 3 segments. It will flash on specific sections, which you need to memorize and replicate the same pattern by shooting the corresponding sections on the Dart board in the Village. You're looking for a three-digit code, which is unique for every player.

Power Cell:

Next up, you need to kill a Mangler zombie, which will drop an Uncharged Power Cell. This enemy spawns during round 15. Take the Power Cell to the Weapons Lab and plug it in at the desk on the right near the Motor Pool door. It needs to be charged before being used, and it will take around to charge it.


Once you have all the required components, you can now assemble the RAI K-84 at the blueprint desk in the Weapons Lab.

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