Hades, Supergiant Games' latest hit, has won the hearts of players all over the world, as they get on Zagreus' burning shoes and help him in his quest to cross over the realms of the Underworld to reach the surface. Take a look at Hades' top 4 weapon aspects in ranked to dominate the game.

Like every hero, Zagreus can make use of a wide arrange of different weapons to carve his way past the hordes of shades and other dangers between him and his goal.

With that said, we prepared a list of those that are, in our opinion, the game's best, sure to help you even in higher Heat Levels.

Hades Top 4 Weapon Aspects in Ranked 

#4 - Aspect of Chaos

Among all Infernal Arms in the game, the Shield of Chaos is the only one that allows players to deal high damage while keeping themselves safe from damage since is the only weapon that allows Zagreus to guard against upcoming attacks. 

With that in mind, the Aspect of Chaos is considered by many as the best version of the shield, since its Special ability allows Zagreus to throw from 1 to 6 extra shields after landing a bull charge, which can, when put together with boons such as Ares', Zeus' and Artemis', deal a great amount of damage. 

The reason the shield is not higher in the list is the fact that to be able to stand with other high damaging weapons, it needs to at least be upgraded to level 3. 

#3 - Aspect of Guan Yu

The first weapon when it comes to mind when you think of end game weapons in Hades, the Aspect of Guan Yu is the first one of the secret aspects to be unlocked, and is  needed to unlock the other three. 

The Aspect of Guan Yu offers a great boost in normal attack damage and its signature special, Frost Fair Blade, covers a great area dealing damage as it heals Zagreus per hit (1HP). On the downside, the weapon lower your maximum health by at least 75%. 

The Aspect of Guan Yu is a great fit for those focused on dealing high damage constantly, plus the fact that works wonder against multiple enemies, if you can keep your health at a safe level and stay mobile, that is. 

#2 - Aspect of Chiron

For many, the Aspect of Chiron is the best Aspect for the Heart-Seeking Bow, since it's not only available early, costing only 1 once of Titan-blood, but also for the fact that it's a top tier both for new players and the most experienced ones. 

The strongest point of the Aspect of Chiron lies in the fact that every shot of its special will hit your last target, dealing a lot of damage, especially if you increase the maximum number of shots with the Daedalus Hammer and its Crit Chance with the help from Artemis and her Crit focused boons. 

#1 - Aspect of Hades

The best overall Aspect for the Eternal Spear, the Aspect off Hades manages to get first place since it offers both an increase in damage as well a new charged attack, the Punishing Sweep, which not only has a great range, ideal for any enemy, especially with the right boons, but also lower its targets defenses. The Aspect is great for both boss fights and normal encounters, which proves to be a given when the game's final boss enters its second phase. 

You can get exchange 2 unities Titan Blood for the the Aspect of Hades. 

- It's important to point out that it doesn't matter how good the weapon is, the key to getting good in Hades is practice and repetition, after all, you need to know how to wield the weapon to unleash its full potential.

You can play Hades right now on PC (on both Steam and in the Epic Games Store) as well as on the Nintendo Switch. The game will also be available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and on Xbox Series X on August 13th. 

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