Hades, Supergiant Games' new success, has won the hearts of millions, as well as multiple awards, being considered by many as one of the best rogue-likes of all time. 

And, like in all rogue-likes, Hades is filled with boss battles, with spawn over the game's domains, and prove to be a real test of the player's skill, and sometimes, their luck.

With that said, we will now tell you how to beat the game's first bosses, the Furies, or Fury Sisters, Megaera, Alecto, and Tisiphone. Witch, after certain time, will take rounds in waiting for Zagreus at the end of Tartarus. 

Hades - How to Beat the Furies:


hades how to beat the furies megaera

The first boss you will ever face in the game, and the First of the Furies, Megaera, or Meg, will test everything you learned until that point.

She will make use of her whip in battle, so staying mobile is key. She stops often between attacks, so, if you are not confident to go head-on, await for those windows and deal heavy damage. Megaera is also capable of calling minions for the combat, ignore them and focus on her. 

Once the big part of her health is gone, she will start to use an area of effect attack, where flames will spawn from the ground below Zagreus.

When she does that, don't panic, stay mobile, and stay aggressive, since she will be open for damage.


hades how to beat the furies alecto

After defeating Megaera a few times, her sister Alecto will also be ordered to stop Zagreus. The chamber where the fight happens will be filled with four pillars and many spiked traps, so be careful.

Different from Megaera, Alecto is sadistic, and short-tempered. So, just as with her sister, keep your distance and go for the back hits.

Because of her short-temper, Alecto can go into rage-mode mid-battle, in which, after releasing volleys in the field, they will gain a substantial boost. So, unless you are ready to deal as much damage as you receive, stay on your toes.

Once 75% of her fife remains, she will start chasing Zagreus, in short intervals. Once she does that, take her over to the spike traps, and run around it, avoiding it yourself, but dealing trap damage to her.

Just like her sister, Alecto is capable of summoning mobs. If the opportunity presents itself, kill them, but never take your focus off the boss.


hades how to beat the furies tisiphone

Tisiphone is, from all of her sisters, the one with the biggest health pool, and most aggressive move-set. She will face Zagreus on a wide arena, that will, as she takes damage, get shorted and shorter.

Just like her sisters, Tisiophone can throw volleys in all directions, but her combat style is focused on dashes, and double dashes, which will cause a high amount of damage and will make Zagreus confuse for a short while.

With that said, the key to beat her is getting out of her way, since her attacks can be easily telegraphed. She is also able to summon area of effect attacks, so make sure to dash and focused on a hit-and-run approach if you are using a melee-focused weapon.

Hades is currently available on PC, via Steam, and Epic Games Store, and Nintendo Switch.

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