In Arkane's new PlayStation 5 game, Deathloop, death is just the beginning. You will have to bite the dust many times to discover all the secrets that Deathloop holds and the infinite possibilities of fun that its time loop offers.

If something has distinguished Arkane from other video game developers, it is her obsession with offering players the greatest freedom of action. Those who have followed its trajectory know it because it has been demonstrated in previous hits like Prey and the two Dishonored installments.

But with Deathloop, their first creation for PlayStation 5, they have gone much further. You can check it from September 14, when it goes on sale, but here we are going to give you a preview of what awaits you.

Deathloop Review: What You Can Expect


A man caught in time

Deathloop will transport you to the island of Blackreef, a spectacular location inspired by the films of the 60s, in which you will relive over and over again the same day as you play Colt, a hitman determined to stop the time loop that keeps him trapped on the island.

To do this, Colt must kill eight targets, the eight visionaries responsible for maintaining that time loop that returns him to the same time and place each time he dies.

In this way, Deathloop could be defined as a cross between Trapped in Time and Quentin Tarantino's cinema. An FPS that combines adventure, exploration, and action, in which you will learn from your mistakes while trying new strategies and ways of getting closer to your prey.

With death come the new opportunities: Deathloop story

Colt does not know how he got to the island, but he will learn more and more about this Blackreef as he escapes the relentless harassment of Julianna, a deadly assassin who is one of the eight visionaries.

At each new start in the time loop, Julianna will inform the islanders of Colt's intentions, making him a target for anyone who crosses her path.

In Deathloop, each time loop is a new opportunity to try new ways of approaching your objectives, to explore an island full of enemies in which freedom of movement will be total.

Don't despair if at first; you die over and over again before you can hunt down any of the visionaries. Hide in the shadows, climb rooftops, and spy out the inhabitants of Blackreef from a distance. Their conversations will give you new clues about the personality of your targets, their location on the map, and even the hours when they are most vulnerable.

Use stealth to kill without attracting attention or unleash an inferno of gunpowder and fire, use the elements of the environment to your own advantage to eliminate your enemies using a wide arsenal and Colt's supernatural powers, such as the Karnesis ability, that will allow you to throw people as if they were a wimp.

Every time you die, and you will do it quite a few times, the time loop will be reactivated and you will return to the same point on the island and at the same time, and you will have to hunt down the visionary eight again.

But each time it will be a little easier, not only because of everything you have learned about the island and its inhabitants but because by eliminating the visionaries (your main objectives) and the eternalists (the rest of the inhabitants of the island) you will get something called residual, which will allow you to permanently improve your skills and weapons, even if you die and go back to the beginning of everything.

And do not think that it will be easy, because this old fishing island converted into a military installation is not exactly small, and while you do your thing, the rest of the inhabitants will also do it. Your goals will not stop moving, and they will only be within your reach at a certain time and place of the day.

It is up to you to find a way to reach the visionaries and the order in which to kill them. Blackreef is divided into four districts and depending on the time of day they will present different advantages and challenges.

Even the weather, and more specifically the snow, will play a decisive role in the game mechanics. The snowfall will cover some tracks that could be crucial, but it will also allow you to reach areas that were inaccessible during the day.

Deathloop is not your typical FPS in which to do the goat. It is an adventure full of action, but to survive it will require patience, a good dose of strategy, reflexes, and a lot of head to learn from your mistakes and find new opportunities that in previous games had gone unnoticed.

The new Arkane and Bethesda Softworks production is unlike anything you've seen or played to date. You will see it next September 14, when Deathloop disembarks on PlayStation 5.

Final Words on Deathloop Release

deathloop deluxeedition preorder

Pre-order your digital copy now and choose between the Standard Edition and the Deluxe Edition, which also incorporates three unique weapons (Trencher, Tribunal, Fourpounder); two designs for Colt (I sneaked in at your party) and Julianna (Sharp Shooter); two wits/improvements and a selection from the Original Soundtrack.

And whichever edition you choose, you will also get the "Storm Rider \" Skin for Colt, the "royal protector" machete, and a wit/upgrade.

And don't forget that - if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber - you can pre-order Deathloop with 10% off. As for when it comes out, expect the best guides on Deathloop, here, at GamesAtlas.

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