Genshin Impact is full of unique and charismatic characters, all able to wield one element at will, or various in the case of the game's protagonist. But between the more than 25 playable characters, Sucrose distinguishes herself as the only Anemo 4-star character, and one of the game's best supports. Here's a Sucrose build to show her true power.

And that is not all; since the Bio-Alchemy student has one of the most fun and eye-catching talent sets in the game, she's able to sweep enemies off their feet, and capable of causing insane reactions and increasing the party's Elemental mastery by a ton, depending on your build.

With that in mind, we will now show you a Sucrose Elemental Mastery-focused build that will teach all the true power of Bio-Alchemy!

Sucrose Build: A Tornado in a Bottle 

Artifacts and Catalysts 

sucrose build 2

From right to left, the Flower of Life ''In Remembrance of Viridescent Fields'', part of the Viridescent Venerer set, and the catalysts, Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds, The Widsith, Sacrificial Fragments, and Mappa Mare. Original Images: Genshin Impact Wiki

First, since Sucrose attacks using exclusive elemental (Anemo) attacks, a full Viridescent Venerer set (4-piece) is ideal as it offers a 15% Anemo DMG Bonus, and a huge increase in reaction damage - increasing Swirl Damage by 60%, and decreasing the opponent's Elemental Damage against the elemental infused in the reaction by 40% for 10s. 

  • Remember to use an Elemental Mastery Goblet. 

You can find the Viridescent Venerer set in the Valley of Remembrance domain.

In the weapons department, and as we said above, Elemental Mastery is the key. And so, weapons that offer a boost in that department will be the focus. 

With that in mind, we recommend the use of the Sacrificial Fragments Catalyst since it offers a huge boost in Elemental Mastery and enables sucrose to use her Elemental Skill more often.

The Widsith is also a great choice since it offers CRT Damage and a huge variety of boosts. The Mappa Mare can also work really well since it offers Elemental Mastery and a great Elemental DMG Bonus. The fact that the catalyst can also be ''easily'' refined, also works in its favor. 

On the 5-star side, the Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds would be our main choice, since it's not only one of the best catalysts in the game but also offers a huge boost in attack and Elemental Damage. 

Talents and Team Composition

On the talents side, focusing first on her Elemental Skill ''Astable Anemohypostasis Creation - 6308'', and in her Elemental Burst ''Forbidden Creation - Isomer 75 / Type II'' is vital for the role. 

  • Is good to point out that her normal attacks can also cause elemental reactions, causing even more damage. 

Sucrose's passive talents are focused on increasing the Elemental Mastery of her teammates, based on her own. With that said, she can increase the damage of Elemental DPS's in an exponential way, as well as generate energy efficiently for Xiao, the game's only Anemo focused DPS.

  • Using Albedo's talents to increase her elemental Mastery can also make her one of the most destructive supports in the game when used correctly. 

It is also recommended to have Sucrose up to at least her first constellation to maximize the build, her damage, and her strong points in a composition.

Genshin Impact is currently available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, via Backwards compatibility, mobile devices, and PC.

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