Welcome to our Ghost of Tsushima: the Secret Mission of Emotaro Guide!

The trigger for this mission to start varies in each game, but there are several fixed points on the map from which we can run into this person who needs our help. And it is just what we are going to explain to you so that you keep it in mind and you can successfully finish your elaborate request.

Ghost of Tsushima: the Secret Mission of Emotaro Guide

Ghost of Tsushima: the Secret Mission of Emotaro Guide

Requirements to meet in "A helping hand"

To activate this secret mission we must locate Emotaro, which is the name of this villager on the island of Iki who has lost his home to the Mongols. If we happen to find the site he has in mind to rebuild his house, just south of the Devious Hunter's Forest, west of Fort Sakai, we won't find anything except some building materials.

If you have traveled the island, you have probably run into him and you have not paid attention. Its appearance varies from one point to another, although you can always visit again some of the points where it is usually seen (areas with logs placed in a special way, or with an unusual arrangement of elements) until it appears. The fact is that the first time you see him, after a short talk, he will ask for your help. And you should offer him only three yew woods.

There you can see it, as was my case, going to Cape Gonoura, in the southwestern part of the island of Iki, or just at the other end, near Tatsu's ladder, next to the haiku on the hillside. In any of them, he will ask you for wood.

The second time you meet Emotaro, it will be in a more bucolic setting, in the vast meadow far south of Fort Sakai, where you will see a Pillar of Honor and an archery challenge right next to it. There he will ask you for six predator skins to continue with the works, so go hunting if you don't have skins.

Finally, the last request will reach us on the coast, having the easiest point to see from the area through which we arrived precisely at the island of Iki, west of the Yahata lighthouse. There, in the middle of the shore and with several destroyed ships, he realizes that to build the roof of his house he needs metal, so he will ask us for ten pieces of iron. After this, we can travel to the starting point.

At his home in the forest of the devious hunter, you will be able to see him at the door of his house, before which he will thank you again for all the help deposited in him and before what he will end up giving you the talisman of the iron grip, through which "your pulse will not tremble when aiming or force you to shoot." Perfect, right?


And yes, the secret mission ends like this. One less problem in Ghost of Tsushima. And for more guides, stick around at GamesAtlas.

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