No game is perfect and has no disappointments so let's take a look at Everything Wrong with Hogwarts Legacy that you will need to get used to.

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Hogwarts Legacy is an action role-playing game and it is set in the Wizarding World universe, based on the Harry Potter novels.

It's an open–world game that gives you the perfect opportunity to discover the magical world on your own inside and outside of Hogwarts magic school.

Everything Wrong with Hogwarts Legacy

To start talking about what is wrong in Hogwarts Legacy firstly you need to know that there will be only gameplay issues, not the world setting that was presented to us.

Revelio Spell

The revelio spell is a spell that is scanning the area around you and shows you objects through walls that are invisible. You will definitely use it the most in the entire game but unfortunately, it has a problem. What exactly is it?

Well, the issue is that on gamepads is that the spell is cast by pressing the arrow to the left so you need to stop walking to cast the spell. That might look as not an issue because the spell stops you anyway, but it still makes things annoying after casting the spell for the thousandth time.

Everything Wrong with Hogwarts Legacy

Credits: Avalanche Softwere


Vendors are not as essential to you as the revelio spell but it still is something that you will need to get used to. Every vendor sells other stuff and allows you to sell yours and has infinite money so selling stuff is quite nice and easy but don't get tricked.

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The main issue is that you can't sell stuff all at once nor even hold the button to keep selling the things you have. There is no button that says "Sell all". There is only a "Sell item" that you need to hold (Which is also annoying) and you need to repress the button to sell another item. And get used to it fast because you will get a lot of stuff.

Flying on Broom

And the last thing so far that annoys me to the point of disappointment is that you can't land with the broom on every flat and steady surface of the castle. That might be weird because it creates the perfect opportunity for game developers to hide stuff from players that can't use the broom yet or not use it to explore the castle but that's the painful truth.

Everything Wrong with Hogwarts Legacy

Credits: Avalanche Softwere

And that would be all for now for Everything Wrong with Hogwarts Legacy but don't worry. Despite having its issues the game sucks you into the magic world so much that you don't won't let it go so be aware of the thing listed above and get your fun playing the game yourself. Mischief managed.

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