This article contains Dying Light 2 all safe codes. The article will be updated with new safe codes. These are all the ones I found during my time with the game so far, and if I stumble upon any new safe codes, I will add them to this article. There will also be articles explaining each code in detail. Another thing I wanted to note that if you stumble upon a safe and pick up the riddle in an envelope, it will be located in the collectibles tab in your menu. It can be misleading at first, so make sure to see the riddle there. It is often just a key, but it is a riddle sometimes.

Dying Light 2 All Safe Codes

Dying Light 2 Nightrunner's Hideout Next To The Dam Safe Code: 9 6 6

Baptism of Poland.

Dying Light 2 First Biomarker Safe Code: 9 7 3

One of the first safe codes in the game. You can read the full solution on how to solve this riddle here.

Dying Light 2 Garrison Electrical Station Safe Code: 3 1 4

Easy as Pi.

Dying Light 2 Downtown Thugs – Bandit Camp Safe Code: 3 1 3

Just your usual thugs safe. You can also earn 3000 combat points and 1000 parkour points for completing this bandit camp.

Dying Light 2 Top of the VNC Tower Safe Code: 6 6 6

More of an easter egg without any loot inside. There was some mysterious looking duck, but I am not sure what happened when I picked it up.

Dying Light 2 Bazaar Tower Safe Code: 5 1 0

That was a hell of a math riddle.

Dying Light 2 Nightrunner's Hideout Safe Code: 1 0 1

Nightrunner’s Hideout located in Houndfield.

Dying Light 2 Moonshine Safe Code: 14 9 2

Moonshine is located in South Horseshoe.

Dying Light 2 Muddy Ground Water Tower Treasure Hunt Safe Code: 3 21 67

During a side quest: Deserter.

Dying Light 2 Saint Thomas Church Safe Code: 4 4 4

There is a safe in one of the rooms at Saint Paul Island.

Dying Light 2 Houndfield Crocodile Flats Safe Code: 11 11 19

Out of Your League side quest.

Quarry End – House Safe Code: 22 67 66

Key to a safe inside a house.

Dying Light 2 New Dawn Park Office Building Safe Code: 10 28 64

Code to a safe in New Dawn Park district.

Muddy Grounds/The Wharf border – Military Container Safe Code: 10 10 10

Open up this military container with almost binary prowess.

Bridge Camp Border Between Downtown and Wharf Safe Code: 74 17 76


Newfound Lost Lands – Restaurant Safe Code: 4 5 9

Order some coffee while you are there.

How to Open Safe Without a Safe Code

You can also try to open a safe without a safe code. If you go over one of the correct numbers, you will feel a little vibration while going over one of the correct numbers. There are only three numbers, so there are not a lot of possibilities. You will learn all the numbers but not the order they should be put in, but you can just do the trial and error method and force open the safe without a safe code. With that method you do not need Dying Light 2 all safe codes, but it is more fun to solve a riddle in my opinion.

However, more often than not, the safe code itself or the riddle leading up to it is located very near the safe.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is scheduled to release on February 4, 2022, on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One X/S, and Xbox Series X/S.

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