Night City has some rules all newcomers learn quickly. One of these rules is to never screw over a fixer, especially Wakako Okada. Keep reading for a guide on the Cyberpunk 2077 Greed Never Pays Gig.

Cyberpunk 2077 Greed Never Pays Gig Walkthrough 

The Gig: Greed Never Pays, begins in Japantown with V receiving a call from Wakako Okada, she will ask you to help out with her rogue collaborator, Leah Gladen. Wakako will follow-up with a text message explaining the gig in more detail.

After reading the text, V will learn that Leah double-crossed Wakako in a deal over a device called the Lockbreaker. This is why Wakako wants you to find Leah and get back the Lockbreaker promised to Wakako. Wakako tells you to begin your search at Leah’s apartment.

Leah Gladen’s Apartment

Upon arriving at the apartment, you will see the manager at the front desk. You can sneak behind him at this point and steal the security authentication shard for full access to the building. However, keep in mind if the manager sees V stealing from him, he will attack you.

cyberpunk 2077 greed never pays gig leah apartment shard

There is an entirely different approach to getting into Leah’s apartment that will also work, but it requires V to have the necessary skill points in either Technical Ability or Body to open the door on the staircase.

cyberpunk 2077 greed never pays gig leah apartment staircase

The easiest method to get into Leah’s apartment, though, is just by taking the access shard and entering the elevator below the staircase.

Take the elevator to Leah’s floor and open the text from Wakako once you find the right apartment. The door will be locked but Wakako’s text message will contain the passcode (2137).

cyberpunk 2077 greed never pays gig leah apartment door code

Once you get into Leah’s apartment, you can loot everything you like since nobody is home. After scanning the apartment, you’ll discover that the vending machine is hiding a secret room.

Go back to the kitchen and scan around until you find the secret button that will move the vending machine. The button is located close to the microwave.

cyberpunk 2077 greed never pays gig leah apartment secret button

After pressing the button go back to the vending machine to find it has slid to the side opening up the secret room.

cyberpunk 2077 greed never pays gig leah apartment secret door

Check out the emails on the PC to find out that Leah planned to double-cross Wakako and sell the Lockbreaker to the Tyger Claws for triple the deal she had with Wakako. The emails will also reveal that the location of the new deal with the Tygers is at the braindance club Wired Head.

Braindance Club Wired Head

Go to Wired Head via elevator access in a building in Tyger territory. Take the elevator down to the club and sneak around to not be seen by the Tyger Claws at the vending machine and in the hallway outside the braindance club.

cyberpunk 2077 greed never pays gig elevator braindance club

After incapacitating the Tyger Claws outside the club entrance, you will have two choices about how you approach this encounter. Entering through the main door will leave V with no choice but to fight it out with all the Tygers, including three skilled netrunners. The side door requires a Technical Ability attribute of 10 but enables V to take out the Tygers stealthily. The choice is yours.

cyberpunk 2077 greed never pays gig braindance club paths

After taking out all the Tyger claws and looting the entire club, you’ll come across a locked door that requires a Body attribute of 10 to open, which will allow access to a room with some excellent loot, including the legendary weapon spec for the Crusher power shotgun.

Exit the room and head right, and you will find the main surveillance room, which contains the Lockbreaker. Pick up the Lockbreaker and take it to the designated drop point as requested. 

cyberpunk 2077 greed never pays gig lockbreaker location johnny

If you decide to check the bathrooms out, you’ll find the body of Leah Gladen. Reading more entries on the computers in the club reveals that the Tygers never intended to triple the value of Wakako’s offer, instead, setting her up and taking the goods.

cyberpunk 2077 greed never pays gig dead leah

After you drop the Lockbreaker in the drop point, you’ll receive a call from Wakako ending the gig and giving you the reward of 1,700 eddies, 323 XP, and 727 Street Cred XP.

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