Release Season 3
Map Type Arena-Style (Versus & Horde)
Appearances Gears 5 (New)

Map Description:

Pahanu is a brand new map set among the ruins of an old civilization and the twisted oversized trunks of the jungle.

This intense jungle landscape puts a unique twist on Gears combat, with its organic cover, strong flanks, intimidating rifle positions and position-obscuring fauna that’s unlike anything else in Gears 5 today.

Two intimidating hills mark the spawn area for each team, leading into the open swamps of the middle of the map. The altar in its center contains a key weapon pickup, but making it there is half the battle.

Flank through the cave side for ranged weapons and another key weapon pickup. Prepare for close-range battles thanks to the tight nature of the cave formation and surrounding cover.

On the opposite side, the larger Ruins area offers a mix of combat, with solid Lancer positions overlooking the cover-filled center. Watch for risky, but deadly flanks from the mid-cut.

Gameplay Video:

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