Visual Cortex Support

The Visual Cortex Support is a Cyberware of type Frontal Cortex in Cyberpunk 2077.

The Visual Cortex Support is available in the following Rarities: Common, Uncommon, Epic, Legendary, Iconic.

Below you find all the details on how to get the Visual Cortex Support, the location where to find it, its effects, price and unlock requirements for each of the Rarity variants.

Cyberware Type Frontal Cortex
Rarity CommonUncommonEpicLegendaryIconic

Increases Crit Damage.

Cyberware Details per Rarity
RarityPriceDescription / EffectRequirementLocation
Common €$ 3,000 Crit Damage +10% Intelligence 6 Finger's M.D. at Japantown, Westbrook
Uncommon €$ 4,500 Crit Damage +16% Intelligence 8 Cassius at Northside
EpicIconic €$ 15,000 Crit Damage +30% Intelligence 12 Ripperdoc at West Wind Estate, Pacifica
Legendary €$ 21,000 Crit Damage +45% Intelligence 16 Ripperdoc at West Wind Estate, Pacifica
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