So, after playing through the creep-fest that is Little Nightmares II, We're finally here, looking back at the story progress and noticing we've come so far but gained so little. People like you and me, may have found the odd Glitched Remain throughout the story, but did we really have enough time to find them all? Luckily, after finishing the story, we now have all the time in the world and you're probably here as you're desperate to see the game 100% complete. We will briefly highlight every area you need to stumble to in order to find all glitching remains locations. Let's get started. 

Little Nightmares 2 Glitching Remains Locations in Chapter 1 - Wilderness

Remains #1

Not long into the beginning of the chapter, Mono will come across a broken bridge on which you will need to jump down in order to get across.

Now, before you head back up and over the ledge, be sure to head straight to the right of the bridge, and you'll enter what appears to be a small entrance to a cavern or cave.

Inside, you'll find your first Glitching Remains. Walk over to these, and Mono will begin a small animation which, will mean you have collected it successfully. 

All Glitching Remains Locations

Remains #2

Soon after finding the first glitching remains by the bridge, Mono will slide down through a hollow log.

After you emerge, make a swift U-turn and go past the log. As you duck and walk underneath the log, you'll find another tunnel, which is the 2nd location of the glitching remains. 

remains 2

Remains #3 

You will locate this glitching remains almost immediately after you leave the house with Six - your new partner. As you leave the house, you'll see an outhouse.

Typically, we would all avoid these, however, mono's curiosity here would reward him with another glitching remains.

As you pull on the outhouse door, the remains will be in plain sight waiting for rescue. 

remains 3

Remains #4 

This glitching remains won't be located until the very end of chapter 1. After Mono and Six escape the Hunter, they will find themselves going overseas.

This glitching remains requires a careful eye and attention to detail as we imagine most would have missed this fairly easily.

As Mono and Six exits the boat, look at the left corner of the beach and there you will find the last glitching remains in chapter one.

remains 4

Little Nightmares 2 Glitching Remains Locations in Chapter 2 - School

Remains #5

After you find yourself leaving a diner in chapter 2, Mono will have to use a set of TVs to hoist him and his friend upwards.

Soon after, Mono enlists the help of his friend Six to pull him up and over the ledge. Moving up the stairs, take a left, and you'll have to again look carefully.

At the left corner of the platform is another well-hidden glitching remains. 

remains 5

Remains #6

Continuing onto the school, you'll eventually come across a very eerie and desolate playground.

Looking toward the right corner of the screen, you'll see a dumpster. Head towards it and you'll be gifted with another glitching remains.

This particular one stands looking toward the dumpster. 

remains 6

Remains #7

Within a short time of entering the school, you'll encounter some school kids.

Eventually, Mono will find himself flying solo again, and he will be walking through a hallway with a boobytrapped bucket swinging down at you. Avoid this and advance to the next hallways.

Before you go any further, be sure to open the 3rd locker, as you will find more glitching remains. 

remains 7

Remains #8

Mono will discover this glitching remains after leaving the library and before starting the puzzle.

Upon entering the room, there will be a staircase that leads both left and right. Take the left turn and look at the railing with 2 bottles sat atop of it.

There is the 8th glitching remains sat with their legs over the edge.

remains 8

Remains #9 

After completing the puzzle with the three chess pieces, you'll enter the cafeteria.

After heading down the small steps, you'll see a cart/trolly which will be used to advance. Once you move it, push open the door, and you'll enter a new room.

In here, you will find the glitching remains sat above a freezer. 

remains 9

Remains #10

After narrowly escaping the teacher through the school air vents, Mono and Six will exit back onto the rainy streets.

Keep heading forward, and eventually, you will pass an ally way with a small paper boart sat there.

Walk into the alley and approach the paper boat in order to acquire this glitching remains. 

remains 10

Little Nightmares 2 Glitching Remains Locations in Chapter 3 - Hospital 

Remains #11

After entering the Hospital, Mono will find and pick up a flashlight.

In the room to the right of where he picks up the flashlight. Mono will find the glitching remains at the back, next to a small wagon. 

remains 11

Remains #12

After Mono and Six find the key in the X-ray room, they will head upstairs and sooner or later find themselves surrounded in a hallway covered with patient beds.

Head to the back of the room, and Mono will find the next glitching remains waiting for him. 

remains 12

Remains #13

After surviving the manic horde of mannequins/patients chasing you around, don't relax for a second. If you thought you were safe and stress-free, you're wrong.

Now, Mono will have a bunch of hands and arms trying to grab him as he progresses through the corridor. This one time, instead of facing your fears, run away from them.

Head towards the bars behind you and through the small gap. Mono will enter a room with the glitching remains sat waiting. 

remains 13

Remains #14

After surviving the hallway of killer limbs, Mono will fall into a shower room.

Looking toward the top left, there is a suspicious-looking box. Pull it out and head through the passage.

Here, you'll find the glitching remains looking like it is trying to reach one of the mannequins in the bath? Make of this what you will. Nonetheless, grab it and move on. 

remains 14

Little Nightmares 2 Glitching Remains Locations in Chapter 4 - Pale City

Remains #15

After telling scary stories with Six around the furnace, Mono with head into another street, this one looking a bit messier. Head up an alleyway and look for a manhole slightly on the left of the path.

Jump down it, and you'll see glitching remains sat on the edge contemplating what is - or what was - life. 

remains 15

Remains #16

Shortly after you come across the faceless, Mono and Six will find themselves on top of what appears to be an elevator.

Before you solve the puzzle (where you jump on it to make it fall), head to the left side and pull a box away from the wall which will reveal a passageway.

Head through it, and you'll locate another glitching remains. 

remains 16

Remains #17 

Eventually, Mono and Six will find themselves on top of some rooftops.

You'll have a good view of the signal tower and also you'll have a few boxes conveniently placed to help you climb to a higher position. Instead of climbing, however, go around them and use them to enter a slightly out-of-view window.

In this room, Mono will see some more glitching remains. 

remains 17

Remains #18

After you and Six become separated yet again, Mono will eventually find himself crossing from one building to another using a coat hanger.

As you jump through the other side, walk back and climb up the window you just jumped through. Head toward the right side of the window and you'll see another just out-of-sight window.

Hop through this, and there you have located your final glitching remains!

remains 18

So, we're hoping you were able to save the souls of the dammed by telling you Little Nightmares 2 glitching remains locations! If you haven't yet and still need to collect the hats, we have a guide for that, too.

Be sure to check out our intro to the game, and any other guides which may benefit you also!

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