If you are a fan of video-games, you must have a least heard about the acclaimed Yakuza franchise, which became famous for its deep and powerful dialogues, high-quality history and characters, and inventive combat system. But even in a series with hundreds of combat moves, styles, and techniques, one reigns supreme as the most powerful and feared one. I am talking, of course, about the famous Komaki Tiger Drop, which can, with only one hit, deplete your enemy's health and transform even the most brutal fight in a calculated one-sided beatdown. 

The move consists of an insane counter-attack, capable of sending even the biggest and toughest enemies away, and it's noted by a lot of its players, as Kyriu's ultimate move. Yeah, it's that good.

We will now tell you how to unlock the technique in all the main Yakuza games, starting with the one that started it all and going up to Kyriu's last stand in Yakuza 6

Yakuza (2005) 

The player can unlock the technique by completing Sotaro Komaki's sixth lesson and expending 8 points of Shin. 

Yakuza 2 (2006)

In Yakuza 2, the move can be unlocked after finishing the game's twelfth chapter, by visiting the Acupuncture Clinic located in the Shinseicho district. 

Yakuza 3 (2009)

It can be learned after beating a former Komaki School pupil in front of a Smile Burger located in Kamurocho. The move can be unlocked early on, so make sure to visit Komaki once Kiryu arrives in the city, so you can start defeating his pupils and learning their techniques, before progressing through the main history.  

Yakuza 4 (2010)

In Yakuza 4, the technique can only be learned by leveling up above level 10 and exchanging an equivalent number of orbs, to make it possible, you have to unlock the Komaki Knockback move beforehand. 

Yakuza 5 (2012)

Differently from the previous titles, in Yakuza 5, Kiryu can learn two different versions of the move, the Komaki Tiger Drop and its Max variant, MAX Tiger Drop. The Tiger Drop can be learned through Sosuke Komaki, Sotaro's grandson, in one of its later encounters.  

Yakuza 6 (2016)

In Yakuza 6, the technique can be unlocked with experience points after raising Kiryu's attack to 180.

Yakuza 0 (2015)

You cannot learn the technique in Yakuza 0, since Kiryu learns the technique for the first time 17 years after the events of the game. 

Yakuza Kiwami (2016)

In Kiwami, Kiryu has to defeat Raizo Shiba in the Underground Coliseum after acquiring the Image of the Tiger and completing all of the training sessions offered by Sotaro Komaki. The Image of the Tiger can be exchanged for 8000 coliseum points. 

Yakuza Kiwami 2 (2017)

Just like in Yakuza 2, you can obtain the technique after completing the twelfth chapter and visiting the Acupuncture Clinic, now located in the Sotenbori District, for a fourth session. So, just like in Yakuza 2, to get the drop you will need to drop those tigers. 

But can you learn the Komaki Tiger Drop in Yakuza 7 - Like a Dragon (2020)? 

Putting it simply, no, you can't, since the technique is exclusive to the students of the Komaki Style, Ichiban is not able to learn it. But since you can summon The Dragon of Dojima himself to your aid, I don't think you even need it. 

All the main Yakuza games are available for the PlayStation 4PlayStation 5Xbox OneXbox Series X e PCs.

Sources: Yakuza Wiki, and GameFaqs. 

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