Here’s the guide to find the statue of the golden lady in Resident Evil 8 Village, one of the most valuable optional treasures in the game.

The Dimitrescu treasure is located in an area of ​​the castle that is not accessible at the beginning of the game. To get the statue of the golden lady (one of the most valuable treasures in Resident Evil 8 Village) we will first have to get hold of the lever.

Once we have this tool, we can go to the bridge, which is on the path between the altar to the Forum of ceremonies. Once we lowered the bridge with the lever, we crossed it and headed for the jetty. We took a boat and travelled north up the stream.

We disembark at the small dock, and we head towards the castle (a huge door that gives us access to rooms that we had not visited before). That's where the Dimitrescu treasure is found, but before we get it we have to solve a puzzle.

It is a variant of the torch puzzle that we have found in other parts of the game, in which you have to light the extinguished lamps. However, we are going to find ourselves with an extra difficulty: the extinguished lamp is in a different room. How is this torch lit?

The solution is in the enemies. This is one of the few places where we are going to find an "infinite supply" of opponents (they leave no reward for being eliminated). You have to get them to pass the lit lamp and their clothes catch fire. Then we have them follow us to the extinguished lamp, and they will see to it that it is turned on.

This is how we gain access to the Dimitrescu treasure in Resident Evil 8 Village: the statue of the golden lady. Also, on the other side of the bridge opposite the main door leads you back to the house next to the well, be sure to use the good wheel there, as there are multiple valuable items there, including 8 shotguns shells, a mine, some grenade launcher rounds as well as one of the 2 gemstones that have to be used to Lady D’s two whole necklace.

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