In the beginning, I need to highlight that this will not be the full Patch Notes with all the changes, but only the most important aspects. I will also predict some of the best champions in Patch 11.10 here, including the most significant item and champion changes. For the full LOL Patch Notes check out this official Riot Games post.

If you want to learn my thoughts on the best champions in Patch 11.10 then check out the rest of the article below.

LOL Patch Notes 11.10

I will list the best champions in Patch 11.10 of League of Legends based on changes and my personal opinion. They will be grouped by role, and I will try to include only 2-3 champions per position.

These changes went live at night between the 11th and 12th of May 2021. When you are reading this, all of the changes are applied to your game.

All Champion Buffs:

  • Kayle
  • Kennen
  • Lux
  • Yumi
  • Zyra

All Champion Nerfs:

  • Bard
  • Darius
  • Galio
  • Jinx
  • Katarina
  • Talon
  • Thresh

All Item Buffs:

  • Abyssal Mask – more HP, Damage, and debuff duration
  • Goredrinker – more healing
  • Guinsoo’s Rageblade – costs less
  • Riftmaker – easier stacking

All Runes Nerfs:

  • Phase Rush – longer cooldown, less movement speed

Other Changes:

  • Various changes to how jungle works in League of Legends:
  • Longer respawn times
  • Comeback experience
  • Smite changes
  • Survivability
  • Jungle Camps Changes
  • Also VFX Update for Kogmaw and 4 new Arcana Skins for Lucian, Tahm Kench, Xerath, and Camille.


lol patch

Credit: Riot Games

The Best Champions in Patch 11.10

Top Lane:


Small Buffs to Kayle, in combination with Rageblade cost reduction and Riftmaker changes, might bring Kalye to the eyes of many players. Both AP build with Riftmaker, and Critical / On-Hit build with Rageblade buffs might make this champ better to play in the top lane.


Fiora is one of the sleeper OP champions. She is very strong with various builds, with Immortal Shieldbow and Trinity Force gaining popularity. Changes to Goredrinker might bring a new Fiora Build to Solo Queue.



With the Riftmaker buffs and recent Morderkaiser buffs to Jungle, he might find even more play in the Jungle, especially with all the jungle changes. His clear is pretty good, and ganks can be successful, especially after his level 6 where he can isolate a vulnerable enemy easily.


With the jungle changes coming in this patch, we might see a lot more AD Junglers that struggled over the last few months. Rammus is a perfect counter to those picks, and with Turbo Chemtank, he can be an amazing engage machine, that reflects damage to the attackers.

Kayn [Darkin]

In the last patch, we simply saw a buff to the Darkin Kayn and I thought it was already his superior form, even though it was played much less. The healing and damage output of Kayn in his red form is pretty insane, and now with the addition of Gorderinker buff, it might make him an instant ban on SoloQ.

Mid Lane:


On-Hit Irelias Is making her way up the tier list, with Immortal Shieldbow as her first item, complimented by either Blade of The Ruined King or Wit’s End. With the cost reduction of Rageblade, her third item rush will be even faster, and Irelia might dominate squishy champions in the mid lane.


Even though her movement speed is decreased in this patch, Katarina will be still on the top of the tier lists, especially in lower divisions. Her Damage output is insane, and she is a very mobile champion with multiple ways to reset the cooldown on her abilities. On-hit builds are the go-to builds for Katarina, with Nashor’s Tooth and Lich Bane.

Bot Lane:


Another champion that might make use of On-Hit builds. We saw buffs to Wit’s End in the last patch, and right now Rageblade gets its cost reduced by 200 gold which is much more than it looks. It might make Vayne a top-tier pick once more on the bot lane, especially against more tanky team compositions.


She is consistently one of the best AD Carries in the entire game, either as a Bot Lane or a Support. You can play her with another support or as a helpful, damage-dealing champion. One of the best combinations from the Korean servers is Senna with Tahm Kench and Senna with Heimerdinger. The latter is a very strong combination that is yet to be discovered by more players. Additionally, we see the rise of Tank Senna on the bot lane with Frostfire Gauntlet as a first item, we also saw a cost decrease of the Rageblade, which will probably make Senna even more insane.



This Cat with a Book is a very specific champion, that might make a huge difference on a strong champion, but could be useless if the team falls behind too much. Giving her the buffs to her Q might make her an even better poke champion, which will make winning lanes on the bot side a bit easier. She might find great synergy with many hyper carries or Mages like Veigar or Karma as AP Carry champions.


Lux is already a very safe, high damage champion, that is very popular as support. She got a damage buff on her E that will kick in in the mid and late game. Her poke capabilities will be even better, and she can one-shot most AD Carry champions with ease.

LOL Patch 11.10 Summary

We did not get a lot of champion changes, but the most notable thing is jungle changes. We might see some new picks come up in the jungle, and I can not predict all of them. Hopefully, it will be balanced, and help some players find their new favorite role in the jungle. These were The Best Champions in Patch 11.10 in my opinion.

League of Legends is out now on PC.

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