Projectile Launch System

The Projectile Launch System is a Cyberware of type Arms Cyberware in Cyberpunk 2077. It's created by Arasaka.

The Projectile Launch System is available in the following Rarities: Rare, Epic, Legendary.

To buy the Projectile Launch System you need 20 Street Cred. Smart Link cyberware is required to enable smart-targeting.

Projectile Launch System Stats:

  • The Projectile Launcher allows you to unleash various powerful projectiles, dealing various types of damage as well as causing explosions and applying status effects. But most importantly, it wreaks mayhem and destruction.
  • Explodes on impact and deal major Physical damage to enemies within the area of effect. Charged shots increase damage, the explosion radius, and the chance to dismember. Effective against groups of enemies.

Below you find all the details on how to get the Projectile Launch System, the location where to find it, its effects, price and unlock requirements for each of the Rarity variants.

Cyberware Type Arms Cyberware
Manufacturer Arasaka
Rarity RareEpicLegendary

A projectile launcher used to fire missiles over long distances. Rarity gives more mod slots available.

Cyberware Details per Rarity
RarityPriceDescription / EffectRequirementLocation
Rare €$ 15,450 1 mod slot - -
Epic €$ 25,450 2 mod slots - Ripperdoc at Rancho Coronado, Santo Domingo
Legendary €$ 100,450 3 mod slots - Ripperdoc at Downtown, City Center
Ripperdoc at Heywood, Wellsprings
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