Starfield All Factions List – Every Faction in the Game So Far

In this Starfield All Factions List you will learn a little bit about every faction in the game.

That will or will not help you a little in actual gameplay when the game releases.

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There are plenty of factions fighting for control and influence throughout the Settled Systems.

Starfield All Factions List

  • Constellation
  • Violent Spacers
  • Xenofresh Corporation
  • Crimson Fleet
  • United Colonies
  • Sanctum Universum
  • Ecliptic Mercenaries
  • Ryujin Industries
  • House Va’ruun
  • Freestar Collective
  • Enlightened


Constellation is a faction the player joins as a fresh recruit and is integral to the main story of the game. When the player joins Constellation, the group is investigating a spheroid alien artifact that's causing some people to have visions and wants to track down the remaining pieces to figure out what it all means.

Violent Spacers

Nothing is known about this faction of human enemies.

Xenofresh Corporation

Xenofresh Corporation is responsible for the transformation of Neon City from a fishing outpost to a Vegas–like pleasure city. The fishing company discovered the fish that has psychotropic qualities and started manufacturing and selling a drug made from this substance called Aurora.

Crimson Fleet

Crimson Fleet is a faction of space pirates that marauds space in search of loot. The Crimson Fleet is the first faction you come into contact with and its members can be identified by their reddish armour, Jolly Roger–like a flag, and skull–shaped face masks.

You can join the Crimson Fleet and complete missions for its leadership.

Starfield All Factions List

Credits: Bethesda Game Studios

United Colonies

This space republic has the largest military presence in the Settled System. The UC's capital city is New Atlantis on the planet of Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system. Just 20 years before the events of the main story, the United Colonies was at war with the Freestar Collective in a conflict that’s known as the Colony War.

Sanctum Universum

Sanctum Universum is a small religious group you can join by picking the Raised Universal trait during character creation.

Ecliptic Mercenaries

Nothing is known about this faction of human enemies.

Ryujin Industries

 this mega-corporation has a lot of power in Neon City. The player can choose to join Ryujin Industries by applying for a job there.

House Va’ruun

Nothing is known about this faction of human enemies apart from the fact that this is a group of religious zealots.

Freestar Collective

The other major force in the Settled Systems besides United Colonies is the Freestar Collective. Its capital city, Akila, is walled to protect it from marauding alien creatures called the Ashta which are a cross between wolves and velociraptors.


The Enlightened is a small religious faction you can join by picking the Raised Enlightened trait during character creation.

Starfield All Factions List

Credits: Bethesda Game Studios

And now knowing a little bit about every faction of the game thanks to this Starfield All Factions List you can play more to your liking and choose what you want to do.

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