There are many collectibles that we can get in the history of Ratchet and Clank A Rift Apart, and in addition to the golden jitters, the spy robots, or some zurstones, we can also find a series of teddy bears that are complicated since they are the only ones that do not they are marked on the map. Today, we'll present all CraiggerBear locations in Ratchet and Clank A Rift Apart.

In total, we must find nine teddy bears scattered throughout each of the planets, with one in each of them, and we will be as clear as possible so that you go directly for these collectables.

Best of all, you won't be able to lose any of these teddy bears in Ratchet and Clank A Rift Apart, since you can even get them once the adventure is over.

All CraiggerBear Locations

All CraiggerBear Locations

  • Corson V City Nefarius

    You find him in the east of the market area, sitting at the counter of one of the vendors' stalls, the one that has a purple tarp as a roof and a white robot.

  • Sargasso Outpost L51

    Inside Rivets Hideout on the couch next to the TV. In order for you to appear, you must go back there after defeating the Seekerpede boss.

  • Ruins of Scarstu

    After you have entered the pocket dimension of the purple portal, you will find the teddy bear in a box to the left of the receptionist.

  • Savali Plateau of Urfdah

    You are just going to locate it at the southernmost end of this planet, specifically, you must locate a floating island to the south of the map. You will be able to see it after the first timed section of speed skating, to the left of this small island in the air.

  • Blizar Prime Blizonite Mines

    When you have passed a few magnetic bridges to do different long jumps, you must activate the third dimensional portal in purple, and you will locate the teddy bear in the same room along with some metal parts.

  • Torren IV Ravine of Molonoth

    Shortly after you have started the level, after you jump off a cliff with a rope, you are going to locate a gun saleswoman. Well, in front of her, on the right, she finds a market stall with many televisions and a teddy bear.

  • Cordelion Kedaro Station

    As soon as you enter the snowy dimension after hitting the first crystal, you must slide down three times until you locate the teddy bear in the snow just to the left.

  • Ardolis Pirate Base

    In the last room of the pirate trials, you will be awarded a piece of armor. Well, in that same room, you will find the teddy bear next to a chest.

  • Viceron Jail of Zorzodoom

    In the same room where you free Clank you must look to the right side of the east room to find the teddy bear on a bench.

Now with this guide, you know where all CraiggerBear locations in Ratchet and Clank A Rift Apart to get one of the most difficult collectibles. For more guides on the best games, stick around and find them here, at GamesAtlas.


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