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With the release of Bandai's highly anticipated indie game known as 'little Nightmares II.' Comes a short story about one boy's different anxieties and insecurities as he faces all his greatest fears along with his new playmate - Six. As you run,  jump and tumble your way through this dark, twisted environment you may find you'll even face some of your own fears, whether that be deranged doctors, your scary pre-school teacher, or a lunatic chasing you through the woods. Either way, these kid's creepy adventures are sure to make a lot of people's skin crawl as they discover, the world within their dreams, may not be as they seem. 

So here at GamesAtlas, we want to make your nightmare-induced journey easy, calm and as relaxing as possible. Throughout this article, we will take you through every creepy encounter you'll face and how to kill, evade and escape them

little nightmares 2 the hunter

The Hunter 

The first maniacal encounter we face comes pretty quick and turns pretty violent as soon as we find our compatriot - Six. The first chapter is called "The Wilderness" and is fairly tame when it comes to the difficulty of the small puzzles and obstacles that you find in your way. The Hunter carries a shotgun and lamp - which he will use to locate you as he marinades through the forest in search of you and your compadre.

The aim here is to avoid detection by the lamp hiding behind any and every object you can find or using the environment around you to your benefit, such as tall grass or the murky waters in the forest. Every shot the hunter takes will kill you (Mono) instantly and will destroy every barrier you hide behind, use this to your advantage and time your mad dash accordingly. Eventually Mono and Six will drop down into a small enclave where the Hunter will slowly make his way ahead of you. This is where the tall grass will come to your aid and you will be able to cause a distraction to lead his attention elsewhere as you sneak past him.

Mono will soon make his way to a building in which you will navigate through and enter a small swamp. Here you will want to duck under the water to avoid the Hunter. He will almost certainly detect you when you exit the murky water and this is when you should time your run crate-to-crate as he reloads. Mono will find yet another building and enter it as fast as he possibly can. Here the deranged Hunter will soon break in, coincidently there is a shotgun hung on the wall at the back of the building. Pry this off the wall and use this to your advantage to put the Hunter down and leave the forest in one piece. 

 little nightmares 2 the teacher

The Teacher

Up next is a menacing eerie and incredibly creepy school teacher and her satanic-stress-inducing pupils who seem to have more control around the campus than the actual teacher. You want to watch your step with this headmistress as any sound you make will alert her as you first encounter her in the classroom. As she turns her back to the students and writes on the chalkboard, make your way around and under the pupil's desks towards a vent on the right side. You'll grab the key and inevitably create a lot of ruckus which causes her to come barging in the room. Now as you leave the vent she'll walk around the room in a pattern, do you're best to stay out of sight again. She may sight you as you leave, if she does, run for the elevator and you're home free.

Next up is the library, where you will find The Teacher browsing her favorite demonic books as you climb the shelves behind her. As you jump over to the second shelf, you will inevitably cause a few books to fall. The Teacher will turn, twist and stretch her neck around every corner of the bookshelves in search of you, use shelves to obstruct her view and wait for her to leave the room in which you will follow her.

Last up, Mono and Six will stumble upon her music room. As The Teacher is rehearsing her music, you can use the sound as cover to creep behind her and lower the platform above. Make sure you stay silent and still whenever she takes notes of her songs. After you reach the platform above her exit through the vent in which a chase scene will initiate.

 little nightmares 2 hospital 1

The Doctor

Coming in at the third chapter in the game. The Doctor is an expert at body transplants and mutilation in general, some could argue maybe he is less of a doctor and more a puppet master as his creations are very abstract and almost cartoonish. The very first encounter with this deranged surgeon will require you to once again stay out of sight as you need to locate a fuse in order to progress from the morgue area. You can use the beds as cover and even the boxes for some extra security. 

Eventually, Mono will have to make the tough decision to cut off a patient's life support. As you do this the Doc will come rushing in a panic. Use this time and the curtain as cover to escape the room in one piece. As he leaves the room unattended Mono has a chance to locate the fuze to open the caged area of the map. As soon as you do this, a chase sequence will begin and just like the other two lunatics. Stop for no man. 

Mono and Six will approach a room with a considerably large furnace, crawl inside and head underneath. The Doc will follow, unaware that he is too big for the furnace he will become wedged inside. Jump out, pull the lever and warm your hands up 

 little nightmares 2 the thin man

The Thin Man

Otherwise known as Little Nightmare's very own interpretation of the ever so popular "Slender Man." This tall figure will take a leaf from Micheal Myers as he slowly hunts you down. You will encounter this during Chapter 4 and involves some of the more challenging puzzles for Mono and Six to play with. The Thin Man will stumble out of a TV when you first met him, run towards the nearest exit, and hide under the bed. For some unknown reason, Six decides she won't hide with you this one time which ends up with The Man capturing her and imprisoning her into his television-dominated world.

Mono will find a wooden wall on his right which you can use to climb upon. As you eventually find yourself underneath the floor, be sure to keep away from the various holes above you as he will often use these to grab you. Do this correctly and you will find a substantially long train, in which you will be chased, slowly, very, slowly. Never the less The Thin Man somehow maintains a close distance from you up until the moment Mono finds a lever that will disconnect the next train cart and help him escape, for now.

Finally, in what is a short but very cool sequence. Mono will face his fears and take The Thin Man on. You'll notice as he approaches you, he will lean to the left, right or even stay central, point the thumbstick in a similar position and Mono will use his newfound power to finish The Thin Man once and for all.

 little nightmares 2 six boss


At Last! You rescued Six from The Thin Man's capture, However, now she's big, really big. Just like when we first saw her she has her music box back. Using the weapon located nearby, smash the music box which will send Six into a big rage and she will chase you. In this 3 stage encounter, you have to find ways to destroy the box by luring her away at various times. This may take a bit of work but eventually, you will figure out a pattern in which you can pick up the hammer, lure her somewhere else and then make the final blow before returning her to her natural state.

Lastly Mono and Six will need to flee the area as it collapses on top of them, You will both come across a bridge in which is your ticket back to the real world, You're finally free from the nightmare, so you think at least. 

If you have enjoyed Little Nightmares 1, we have no doubt that you will find the sequel to be just as good as the original and has plenty of homages and nods to the first game. If you haven't yet played the game or don't know too much about it be sure to check out our introduction to Bandai's new Platform Horror game.

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