Professional European League of Legends returned on Friday. With it came memes, team fights, outplays, and the occasional production hiccup. Let's quickly run down how the action left the teams after three days of play.

G2 Esports

(Current Record 3 - 0)

g2 2021 spring

The reigning European champions have started this split with a bang. Despite long-standing captain Luka "Perkz" Perković moving to play in North America with Cloud9,  G2 Esports still knows how to easily win games and look good while doing it. Perkz's replacement, Martin "Rekkles" Larsson has shown the transition from Fnatic to G2 has not slowed him down. He went deathless in the first two games pulling out his signature Jhin and Sivir. Top laner Wunder managed to pull off a rare win with Ivern top while Caps and Jankos proved why they have won MVP titles in the past. While they have yet to face what may be considered their toughest opposition an undefeated super week is something the team can be proud of.


(Current Record 3 - 0)

rge 2021 spring

Rogue was the other team that didn't drop a game in the first week. Their 2020 season didn't end on the best note for the team. Despite finishing the regular season in first place in the summer they missed the finals and ended in the last place in their group at worlds. Therefore it's understandable they would be hungry to prove themselves as contenders once again. Their new additions in Odoamne and Trymbi played like they had been with the team since the beginning. Their match with Fnatic was lined up as Match of the week but in game the two teams appeared to be of a very different caliber. Should they be able to maintain this form their lineup may have enough to usurp the current King's of Europe.

Misfits Gaming

(Current Record 2 - 1)

msf 2021 spring

Since their success at 2017 World's, the Misfits organizations have been trying to recapture that glory. They have tried using both super teams and rookies to reach their goals. This year they have doubled down on their superstar ad carry Kobbe and talented rookie jungler Razork. Their season start has been good, their rookie solo laner in Hirit and Vetheo seem to be able to hold their own against current European talent. However Misfits usually start a season strong, their problems manifest the longer the split goes on. This could be the lineup to bring them to the top once again but it's possible they end up like the previous rosters.


(Current Record 1 - 2)

ast 2021 spring

The rebrand to Astralis means we once again bid adieu to Origen, a team that sadly did not live up to their potential. Leaving with the organisation was a majority of their all star line up. The new players do not have the same level of pedigree. The expectations for the team aren't very high, therefore the burden to lead the team to victory will be on veteran midlaner Nukeduck. Picking up a win over Vitality is a good start to their playoff race but there are still several more games to play this season each important in deciding this squad's fate.

Excel Esports

(Current Record 1 - 2)

xl 2021 spring

Excel esports is the only organization in the LEC to have never made the playoffs. The addition of rookies in Jungler Dan and midlaner Czekolad have been done in an attempt to change that. The team has shown they aren't afraid to experiment pulling out enchanters like Ivern and Lulu top as well as Udyr in the jungle. This has brought the team some admittedly limited success. Their top laner Kryze has proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with. Youngbuck with the help of his coaching staff should be able to guide these young players to greatness assuming all goes well.

FC Schalke 04 Esports

(Current Record 1 - 2)

fc schalke 04 esportslogo square

The German-backed organization is hoping to have a less tumultuous split compared to last year. Sadly their most consistent player in Odoamne is no longer with them. Their new top laner while has the potential to be as good but not the same consistency. Their success will be tied to the form of mid laner Abbedagge. If he is in a comparable form to the miracle run, this team will be one to be feared. Otherwise, the team may need another legendary run to avoid missing playoffs.


(Current Record 1 - 2)

fnc 2021 spring

Week one Fnatic is clearly the loser in the Rekkles breakup. Despite being a talented team Fnatic struggled to obtain leads against their opponents this past weekend. The team seemed abit to overeager to take fights regardless of their state in the game. If they want to maintain their position as a top tier organization their remaining matches will need to be much cleaner. Otherwise, these former Kings of Europe may find themselves as just another one of the commoners.

MAD Lions

(Current Record 1 - 2)

mad 2021 spring

MAD lions had a difficult task in playing not only the opening match of the season but against the G2 juggernaut. Despite this tough loss they managed to bounce back for the second day. Saly that would be their only win for the weekend. The team's players have continued to play at a high level however their new top laner Armut so far has not been quite living up to expectations. Going forward the team will need him to be consistent if they want to return to their former glory near the top of the standings.

SK Gaming

(Current Record 1 - 2)

sk 2021 spring

SK Gaming came into this new split with a whole host of rookies. Their jungler Tynx has been receiving a decent amount of warranted hype for his performances within the European Regional Leagues. The team is currently off to a slow start only managing to triumph over the veterans of Astralis. There is without a doubt talent that can be nurtured on this lineup. If the coaching staff can get them to click, them they may prove to be the diamonds in the rough necessary to put them at the top.

Team Vitality

(Current Record 1 - 2)

vit 2021 spring

Last but certainly not least is Vitality. The team had difficulty fully assembling their preferred organization last year. Their performance this weekend prevented the Misfits from having a perfect start to their split. This organization however has not been the most consistent in splits past. The team sadly may struggle as talent alone will not be enough in this year's LEC.

Want to see which of these teams achieve glory? Turn into the LEC from 6:00 pm CET on Youtube or Twitch.

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