We are already in week 13 of Season 7 of Fortnite and in it we receive a new ration of legendary and epic missions to level up quickly in the Battle Pass. This week it will be time to open a mission kit, place cat food, and repair equipment. In our Fortnite All Week 13 Challenges Guide, you have all the missions of week 13 with a detailed explanation to know how to complete them and the links to complete guides with a map and video in case you need them.

We will give you all the keys to complete them with their corresponding guide when they are available in the game.

Fortnite All Week 13 Challenges Guide

Fortnite All Week 13 Challenges Guide

Fortnite Legendary Missions Week 13, Season 7

Open a mission kit and place an inhibitor outside the RO base in a single match

You will find the mission kit at the entrance of Sleeping Pools (on the road that comes from the east), and after that, you will have to travel to the Running Complex to place the inhibitor. You have three options, but the easiest to find is the one on the west side of the main house (the one to the northeast of that area).

Leave secret documents at a bus stop

The most complicated thing is knowing where the bus stops are, but you have one leaving Parque Placentero on the south road and another on the south side of the road that runs through the dam. There are also in Semillero Sagrado, Ciudad Comercio, or on the road that leads to Airadas Accumulations, but those first two are the easiest to locate.

Talk to Joey, Sunny or Dreamy Flower

Sunny has been in the same place for most of the season and we have already done several missions with her, so it is the easiest option. You have it in the eastern part of the Costa Crededor beach.

Drop off an OI car in an alien settlement

It is time to take a car from the OI and take it to the Sacred Seed. The easiest way to get one is by stealing it from OI stations.

Place pallets of cat food around the base of the RO

To complete it, simply go around the core of Complejo Corriente and you will find the pallets that the mission requires. In total there are three to the northwest, northeast, and southwest of the base, but you only need two to complete it.

Repair RO equipment

The easiest way to complete it is to go to Antena Aislada, north of Complejo Corriente and El Huerto. Just walk up to one of the objects that allow it and hit the action button to repair two of them.

Build structures in Complex Current

You need to build 25 structures to complete this mission. It does not have much mystery.

Destroy stolen OI information

You can do it east of the Steel Farm. You will find the information inside the caravan that is past the river.

Receive Marigold's message at the drop-off point

You will find it in Pantano Primitivo, the small pond between the Lake of Sleeping Pools and the center of the island.

Visit different satellite stations in the same game

As simple as driving from one to the other before time runs out. The easiest thing is to do it in Team Fray because you will have to go through five stations in one game.

Get headshots

You need 10 headshots to complete the challenge. Team Skirmish is always the best option for these types of challenges.

Upgrade a weapon to epic or legendary rarity

You have upgrade stations scattered all over the island. The easiest to find is inside the building next to the Hidro 16 dam.

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