If you have played Cyberpunk 2077, you'd probably know by now there is an insane amount of weapons available. As you explore Night City, you get to find so many guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, or even katanas.  And, of course, all enemies will drop their weapons but if you want to find some amazing and powerful weapons, you must explore the city to find them. 

What Are Iconic Weapons?

Iconic weapons are essentially unique weapons on Cyberpunk 2077, due to their powerfulness and effectiveness. The good thing about them is that you can upgrade these iconic weapons along with your character, but keep in mind that some stats depend on your current level. In order to upgrade your iconic weapons, it would be useful to invest points into Technical Ability and unlock abilities in the Crafting skill tree. 

Unlike common weapons, the iconic weapons allow the player to add mods and apply attachments. With rare weapons, you can attach various scopes or muzzles or you can add mods that buff damage or critical chance. Always make sure to check which attachments are pre-attached to the weapons, and, don't worry, you can remove them if you want and add an alternative of your choice. However, when it comes to mods, you cannot replace them because it will destroy the original. Without further ado, let's dive into the five best iconic weapons on Cyberpunk 2077.

Lizzie - Tech Pistol

cyberpunk 2077 lizzie pistol

Lizzie is a rare tech pistol and one of the most powerful weapons you can find in Night City. To get your hand on this little pink pistol, you must go to Lizzie’s Bar during Act Two. At the beginning of this act, there is a mission called Automatic Love, and during this mission, you meet a woman named Judy in a red server room. After talking to Judy, head outside the room and Lizzie will be waiting for you on a table just outside the server room. 

What makes this pistol so special? Well, Lizzie carries Thermal Damage and can release multiple shots. Each time the player pulls the trigger, Lizzie fires an extra round per shot. It also includes a Headshot damage multiplier, but be aware of the recoil. Lizzie has a 13% chance to cause Burn Damage to enemies. But, if that's not enough, this pink lil pistol adds a 1.2 Headshot Damage Multiplier. 

Mantis Blades - Melee

cyberpunk 2077 mantisblade

This isn't a weapon perse, but it is really worth it. There are two ways to get the Mantis Blades. If you have 25.000 eurodollars and at least 20 street cred you can go to a ripperdoc, you will find it there in the arms category. But if you don't want to save so much money, there is a side mission located near Corpo Plaza and search for a building with a 09' on. Near this building, there is an alleyway where you can fight a cyberpsycho sighting. But, if you are quick enough you can avoid the cyberpyscho and search for a box on the ground where the Mantis Blades is hidden. 

The Mantis Blades allows you to slice through your enemies with quick attacks. Due to the fast attack speed and combos, it can cause devastating damage and even dismember the enemy. It is very effective against an individual target and it has a 15% chance for Bleed Damage. 

Overwatch - Sniper rifle

cyberpunk 2077 overwatch 

To get the Overwatch, players must complete a side job mission called Riders on the Storm in which you help Panam to rescue Saul. After they finish this mission, the Overwatch will be propped next to a motorcycle. You cannot miss it! 

It comes with an increased reload speed and a custom silencer. It is perfect for headshots thanks to its 2.1 Headshot Damage Multiplier. The Overwatch is perfect for a stealth mission and to wipe out quietly a bunch of enemies. This rifle also has an above-average reload speed. At Body Level 6, its full potential is unlocked which will increase its overall power.

Widowmaker - Precision Rifle

cyberpunk 2077 widow maker

Let's continue this list with another rifle, the Widowmaker. This name gives us a clue about the potential of this precision rifle. The Widowmaker fires two rounds per shot and allows the player to take down enemies quite easily, and quickly. It also has a high chance to leave enemies positioned.

The Widowmaker is a rare sniper rifle and a mission reward during the Panam's storyline. In the main story mission Ghost Town, Panam asks you to help her take down Nash. Don't skip on this one! Because after dealing with Nash, you can loot his body to get his arsenal and add the Widowmaker to yours. 

Skippy - Pistol

cyberpunk 2077 skippypistol

And, finally, to end this list we have this weird pistol called Skippy. This is a smart pistol with a cartoon bullet hologram that talks to you! Skippy talks to you all the time, but only if you are a Rihanna fan. This pistol is specialized in Shock Damage and has a lethal or non-lethal mode. These two targeting modes are Stone Cold Killer and Puppy Pacifist, so it's up to you to choose the one that suits you better.

You can find Skippy in a side job mission in Heywood, south of the College St. metro station. From there, travel south towards a question mark on the map indicating an optional side mission. You must search for an alleyway where there is a dead body. Your main job is to collect Skippy from this dead body. And that's it, now you have the most ingenious talking gun. 

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