Militech Wyvern

The Militech Wyvern is a Drone vehicle featured in Cyberpunk 2077.

In the second half of the 21st century, business is a battlefield – both figuratively and literally. Arbitration, lawsuits, settlements – these measures carry less weight in a world where corporate disputes are often fast-tracked to resolution through sabotage and assassination. For the prudent corporate employee, it’s wise to arrive at and arranged a business meeting in a suit made from reinforced polymers with a pistol tucked in the belt. Even then, most expect that the other side likely hasn’t shown up empty-handed either; such naivete is often enough to get you killed.

For those businesspeople seeking an edge in negotiations, Militech offers the Wyvern drone. When deactivated, it fits conveniently into a briefcase which can be concealed easily under a limo seat or in the corner of a conference room. When activated, it can turn a stubborn business partner into an obedient lapdog… or a bloody heap on the floor.

Militech Wyvern Stats & Specs

Manufacturer Manufacturer: MilitechMilitech
Country Country: New USANew USA
Acquisition Cannot be acquired
Style Neo-Militarism Style
Body Type Drone


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