Mahir MT28 Coach

The Mahir MT28 Coach is a Service vehicle featured in Cyberpunk 2077.

In the past, approximately 4.5 million Americans worked as cab drivers., truckers, or bus drivers. Today, that number has fallen to less than 300,000. Of course, one major factor to this was the catastrophic drop in North America’s population due to wars, epidemics, and climate disasters, Yet, even in the face of population drop-off, driving as an occupation for freight and passenger transport was nearly made extinct with the advent of self-driving vehicles.

Vehicles such as the autonomous Mahir MT28 Coach are now a common sight along major highways and interstates. For passengers, it has been a welcome change. unlike human drivers, the Mahir MT28 Coach never needs to take bathroom breaks and is far less prone to causing traffic accidents. That said, autonomous vehicles bring their own set of risks. In 2068, on a non-stop route from Dallas to Tuscan, a partial failure in the MT28 Coach’s operating system caused the air-conditioning unit and door locks to malfunction. The bus reached its destination, but all the passengers had been cooked to death in their seats. Of course, the Board of Mahir doesn’t believe the success and growing reputation of the MT28 Coach’s primary function should be marred because of the occasional minor error in its secondary systems.

Mahir MT28 Coach Stats & Specs

Manufacturer Manufacturer: Mahir MotorsMahir Motors
Class / Group Service
Country Country: IndiaIndia
Acquisition Cannot be acquired


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