Weapon Class Shotguns
Phonetic Alphabet Alpha
Weapon Type Secondary Weapon
Release Game Launch
Unlock Level 7
Mags 4
Rounds/Mag 5

Hauer 77 Weapon Description

Pump-action shotgun. High damage with a possible 1-shot kill in close quarters. Hand loaded with moderate rechamber speed.

Hauer 77 Statistics

Damage 159
Effective Damage Range 5.72 m
Fire Rate 66 RPM
Bullet Velocity 850 m/s
Vehicle Damage 119
Melee Quickness 1,000 ms
Movement Speed 10.8 mph
Sprinting Move Speed 10.8 mph
Shooting Move Speed 9.66 mph
Sprint to Fire Time 400 ms
Aim Walking Movement Speed 8.55 mph
Aim Down Sight Time 250 ms
Vertical Recoil Control 750 j
Horizontal Recoil Control 150 j
Centering Speed 2.5 ft-lb
Idle Sway Control 35 Fc
Flinch Resistance 10 N
Hip Fire Accuracy 8 mils
Magazine Ammo Capacity 5
Reload Quickness 4.5 s
Max Starting Ammo 20
Ammo Capacity 30
Reveal Distance 0 m
Muzzle Flash Concealment 1 s

Hauer 77 Blueprints List - Stats and Attachments Guide

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