Final Fantasy VII Remake is without any shadow a doubt, one of the best RPGs in recent memory, bringing the franchise's most acclaimed and famous title back with style, sowing us Midgar as it had never been seen before.

The game offers a great variety of weapons to its protagonists, Cloud, Tifa, Barret, and Aerith. We will now guide you through how to get all of Cloud's weapons in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Ready, SOLDIERS?

How to Get All of Cloud's Weapons in Final Fantasy VII Remake

Buster Sword

buster sword from final fantasy vii remake icon

Credit: Final Fantasy Wiki. 

The Buster Sword doesn't need any presentations. 

One of the most iconic weapons in the history of games, the weapon is available for Cloud since the beginning of the game and is the game's best broadsword during its end game, and in its second playthrough, offering the second-largest amount of ATK and Magic ATK and 6 material slots at level 6.  

The broadsword gives Cloud the Focused Thrust ability, with allows him to cause a lot of damage and stagger enemies easier. 

Iron Blade

iron blade from final fantasy vii remake icon

Credit: Final Fantasy Wiki. 

Just like the Buster Sword, the Iron Blade will be acquired automatically by the players as the game's history progresses. You will receive her by finishing a quest on Chapter 3 "A Job for the Neighborhood Watch". 

The Iron Blade offers a great boost in stats and material slots and gives the players the extremely satisfying Triple Slash ability. 

Nail Bat

nail bat from final fantasy vii remake icon

Credit: Final Fantasy Wiki. 

One of the most fun weapons in the game, the Nail Bat can be acquired by helping the kinds in Chapter 8 "Kids on Patrol", and the only weapon in the game that changes /Cloud battle stance on Punisher Mode.

The weapon offers the Disorder ability, with allows Cloud to do a huge swing which allows him to switch between his combat modes mid-combo. 


hardedge from final fantasy vii remake icon

Credit: Final Fantasy Wiki. 

One of Cloud's most famous weapons, even featuring in promotional images of the original Final Fantasy VII, the weapon becomes available for purchase on the Wall Market on Chapter 9 ''The Town That Never Sleeps'', for 2,000 Gil. 

Hardedge offers a huge boost in physical damage when compared to the Iron Blade, being the weapon with the highest amount of ATK available for Cloud. 

Its ability Infinity's End deals massive damage on an overhead swing that will make you feel that you just did a Limit Break. 

Its downside, on the other hand, is on its low amount on Magic ATK.

Mythril Saber

mythril saber from final fantasy vii remake icon

Credit: Final Fantasy Wiki. 

A weapon focused on increasing Clouds magical damage and MP, the weapon becomes available for purchase during the game's 14th Chapter "In Search of Hope", on the Wall Market's weapon store, for 3,000 Gil. 

The weapon gives Cloud the Blade Burst ability, in with he unleashes 3 waves of mako energy with the swing of his sword. 

Twin Stinger

twin stinger from final fantasy vii remake icon

Credit: Final Fantasy Wiki. 

Cloud's last weapon in the game, and the most complete one, offering a great number of material slots rather early and a balanced amount of ATK and MP. The weapon can be found in a chest present in Chapter 13 Chapter 17 "Find the Others", most specifically, on the missed Drum's third level. 

Keep your eyes pilled, since the weapon can be missed. 

Twin Stinger offers Cloud the Counterstance ability, with makes him able to counterattack immediately after being hit, reducing the damage received and hit enemies with 3 heavy hits.

Trust me, you will want to master this before the game's final boss battles. 

Final Fantasy VII Remake is one of the free PlayStation Plus games of this month, so, what are you waiting for? Go catch the latest train for Midgar and save the planet!


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